UMM, The Grand Champion, of Psychology Olympics of PTM Indonesia

Author : Humas | Thursday, December 22, 2016 12:59 WIB
The winners of the Olympic championship PTM Psychology of UMM were taking picture together after the competition.

FACULTY of Psychology of University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) has successfully won the Psychology Students Olympics as Grand Champion throughout Muhammadiyah Universities (PTM) Indonesia in University of Muhammadiyah Gresik held last week (16/12). The theme of this event was "The Power of Entrepreneurship Spirit Brotherhood of Muhammadiyah University Psychology Students in the face of MEA". There were four types of competitions.

Those were psychopaper, making of scientific articles related to the actual themes of psychology, psychostory, creating a photo story related to a specific theme and then analyzing according to the theory of psychology, psychoposter, making design a poster, and psychodebate, debating contest psychology containing two people in one team.


In the paper contest, two representatives were sent, UMM won the first prize by Anisa Novi. In the psychostory¸ Nidia Karunia Aisyaha won the first prize and also the favorite champions. In the poster competition, two delegates won the first and second place. First prize of poster contest was taken by M. Fahmi Arifudin and Reza Gunawan got the second prize and also the favorite champion.

Meanwhile, in the debate competition, two teams from UMM, also won the first and second. First prize was won by Emha Nelwan - Rezka Mardiana and Alfin Rhomansyah - Hana Humaira. Raihan as the runner up. This achievement delivered UMM as the Grand Champion of the 14 PTM presented.

There are unusual thing happened in this competition. Basically, after the division of motion, then debating was begun. But, it was not like that. After the division of motion, all 14 teams were given time to give his argument, but in written form.

"It's a pretty shocking and makes us dag-dig-dug. Because the ones which 'really' join the debate instead of 14 teams, but only 8 teams that success in the written argument, "said Alfin, a member of the debate team who is 5th semester student.

No other general rule is also applied to the poster contest. Generally, the design of posters collected and immediately assessed. However, this time, print posters that have been made by the entrant must be attached to a four-sided resin brackets. Damar-shaped four sides, so that each participant is located on each side to make the creation of posters plastered posters that have been made. For this, participants provide their own tools and materials. Posters and photostory also judged by the number of votes given to each work.

For Alfin, practicum experience which got into several subjects helped him in this contest because it could be connected with the material being contested. So that, it was proven that what was taught in the class even the tasks not prevent students to excel.

"Got doubt also because of the system. But Thank to God we won in all branches of the competitions. Although the material was not fully mastered, but it was not an obstacle as long as it's pretty much the knowledge we gained in the lecture, "said Alfin. (Ich / han)



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