UMM Encouraged the Acceleration of Increasing Professors

Author : Humas | Thursday, December 19, 2019 14:18 WIB
Prof. Dr. Benyamin Maftuh, M.Pd., when delivering his remarks. (Photo: Rino / PR)

Director of Career and Competence of Human Resources of Ministry of Research and Technology Republic of Indonesia, Prof. Dr. Benyamin Maftuh, M.Pd., attended meeting with the academic community of the University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) on Tuesday (17/12). The activity, which was followed by 140 permanent lecturers with doctor / Ph.D qualifications, was a strategy to increase the academic position of the lecturer to a professor.

In his remarks, Prof. Syamsul Arifin encouraged lecturers to improve their quality. One of them was by fulfilling the requirements in the form of publications, both articles and research which was a requirement in the submission of professors. According to him, at UMM itself always appreciated all the activities carried out by lecturers, especially in terms of publications.

Furthermore, Syamsul hoped that through this activity, lecturers could continue to improve an increasingly increasing career path. With the improvement of the lecturer career, the improvement of academic quality in general was met. "Professors are not only for our interests, but professors are for the benefit of the institution, to improve the performance of the institution," said Syamsul.

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Meanwhile, Benjamin said that there were several schemes that needed to be traversed by the chief of assistant professor, including fulfilling the required credit score, having published scientific work in international scientific journals with the reputation of being the first author, lecturer certification, and having performance, integrity, ethics and manners and responsibilities.

"If a lecturer wants to make an academic promotion or jump a position to a professor, it can be fulfilled with the requirements to write four writings in an internationally reputed journal as the first writer and fulfil other requirements to occupy that position," said Benjamin.

In his presentation, Benyamin said there were only 2.4% of the 280 thousand number of lecturers in Indonesia who had become professors. That means functional professors in Indonesia were very elite. Therefore, said Benjamin, Ministry of Research and Technology Republic of Indonesia would continue to collaborate with universities to motivate lecturers to be encouraged to take up the professor level. (win)



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