UMM Held Book Review “Media Politics, Political Media” book

Author : Humas | Monday, June 04, 2018 21:19 WIB

Faculty of Social and Political Science, University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) held a seminar and book review entitled: Media Politics, Political Media written by Director of Jawa Post Radar Malang, Kurniawan Muhammad in BAU Hall on Monday (4/6). This agenda was attended by political communication observer, Dr. Suko Widodo, a lecturer of Airlangga University, and Dr. Rinikso Kartono, M.Si, a political observer and the Dean of Faculty of Social and Political Science.

 This book is about how to understand the choosing behavior, what influences the selecting factor, and how media influences the choosing behavior. Interestingly, Kurniawan also revealed data related to the texts that are attracted the readers’ the most. He said, “In fact, readers mostly like news about leaders or political parties’ leaders. 70,2 percent of readers like to read news about politics and 22.5 percent of them read fatwa of religion leaders, which is the most disliked rubric”. For instance, the most disliked rubric is news that informs to elect certain people. “Readers do not like that rubric”.


The Head of Social and Political Studies (KPKSP), Narudin stated that this book can be a student literature. Furthermore, there is an explanation about the influence of the level of legibility of a special column in the daily Java Post on the behavior of selecting behavior of media consumer in the election in 2009. Nurudin said, “The writer wants to launch this book “Media Politics, Political Media” on campuses. UMM is the first launching place”. (lus)



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