UMM Gazebo Forum, Understanding Spirituality Through Literature

Author : Humas | Saturday, October 28, 2017 16:05 WIB

University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) again held a UMM multidisciplinary cangkrukan of Gazebo Forum on Saturday, October 28 at ​​UMM Central Library Park. Coinciding with the National Language Month and the Youth Pledge Day, the UMM Gazebo Forum brought the theme on title "Literature and Spirituality".

The three speakers were presented namely author of "Spiritual Enlightenment", Ikhwan Marzuki, ATV Director Drs Nurbani Yusuf MSi, Indonesian Language and Literature lecture of UMM Dr Ajang Budiman MSi.

Ikhwan Marzuki rated that literature and spirituality were like two side of coin and spirituality was not merely about religiosity. "Spirituality is how we interpret something and literature is form of spirituality expression," he explained.

In line with Ikhwan, Ajang added that the journey of Muhammad SAW Isra 'Mi'raj was also a form of spirituality and it was the most perfect form of spirituality. "Spirituality and religiosity must be way of person life. The spirituality was not only enlightening  ourselves but also be able to enlighten others," Ajang said.

The third speaker, Nurbani Yusuf said we as the next generation should be grateful and accept on what Indonesia has done like youth who declared the Youth Pledge. "In the youth pledge moment, we also must be able to interpret or take the side of its spirituality, never forget history as Bung Karno said and be grateful on what Indonesias has gained," he concluded.

This activity was more interesting with the charming acoustic performance from Islamic Studies Faculty student of UMM. (Naz)



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