UMM Gazebo Forum Builds Consciousness Student of Literacy

Author : Humas | Saturday, February 18, 2017 16:41 WIB
Shade: Atmosphereof literacy discussion under a shady gazebo of UMM Library. Literacy discussion was aimed to arise the interest of students in reading and creating. Photo: Rino Anugrawan.

Consciousness of students toward literacy nowadays was considered bad. It made students unproductive even swallowing a validity of information without knowing the source. This is a particular concern of University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM). (Therefore) Cangkrukan Multidisciplinary of UMM Gazebo Forum tookthe theme "Build Literacy Build Actfull of Creativity", on Saturday (18/2) at the central libraryof UMM.

Three speakers were presented in this discussion. Lecturer of literacy, Pradana Boy ZTF, Ph D and both students of literacy activists, Ade Chandra Sutrisna from Muhamamdiyah Students Association (IMM)and M. Syahrir Mustafa from Islamic Students Association (HMI).

Pradana Boy saidthat reading, writing and discussing were theree things that have mutual sustainable. According to him, there were three problems that will arise when a person reading a book. First, it was a habit. If a person was not accustomed to read, then he should to do it first. Secondly, it was probably a person did not understand what he read.However, through the days the understanding will come. Lastly, Boy advised that what have been read should become a works. "Do not let what (we) have read undisbursed and settle," he said.

In line with Boy, Ade Chandra assessed that students were not enough merely to read. Moreover, students should to write and practice. "The goal of both reading and literacy are the real act of it," he said.

Head of Media and Communication of IMM Malang also provided several tips to like both writing and reading. "You should put yourself in an environment that force(you)to write and read. If the environment supports, then the habit will be formed by itself, " he advised.

Syahrir added,the activities of reading and writing were one unity that could not be separated. According to him, notebook and stationery becomes an important tool to carry whereever. "The idea of ​​writing can appear anytime and anywhere, so the two things that will help us," he explained.

Not only that, further Syahrir, publishing the results of writing also could motivated yourself to continue to read and write. "To be consistent in writing, add (it) with publication. Thus, the passion of reading and writing will be (constantly) surge. Especially when it is published," he said.

UMM First Vice Rector Prof Syamsul Arifin assessed that literacy discussion as crucial thing. "Today we face a paradoxical reality. Sources of information are so plentiful. Its Paradox, the students are not creative because it causes plagiarism. This discussion is important to revive students to write something that could be accounted, " Syamsulexplained in his remark. (Naz)




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