UMM Collaborating with KKN Café to Escalate Students Entrepreneurship Interest

Author : Humas | Tuesday, December 17, 2019 14:13 WIB
Moderator Syahrin Pertiwi with Selebgram Nadira Al Qadri (UMM students) Hari Obbie and Yudistira (UMM Alumni, Youtube content creator). (Photo: Helmi/PR UMM) 

There are many ways of the University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) to encourage students to become reliable entrepreneurs. One of them is by involving students to get involved directly in real business activities. This was realized in a collaboration between UMM and Nusantara Coffee Creation Cafe (KKN) located on Jalan Soekarno-Hatta 1, Malang City. This millennial concept cafe was launched Monday (12/16) afternoon.

In thelaunching, UMM presented celebrity Nadira Al Qadri (UMM student) Hari Obbie and Yudistira (UMM alumni, Youtube content creator), who shared tips and success motivations to UMM students. "The concept, UMM and KKN Cafe invites students and young people to dare to have entrepreneurship, also social business or social entrepreneur. As the UMM mission is from Muhammadiyah for the nation," said the Vice-Rector II of UMM, Dr. Nazaruddin Malik M.Si.

With this collaboration, KKN coffee becomes a laboratory and outlet for the processing and production of various coffee drinks. Where talented students from the poor can learn entrepreneurship. Later, these students will get income and scholarships for college.

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"Talented students who cannot afford economics can learn entrepreneurship here. Could be a barista, and others. Then we put aside the KKN sales proceeds to support businesses in developing students' creative businesses, including scholarships for underprivileged students who have certain talents," explained Nazar.

Meanwhile, KKN Cafe owner, Frederick said, one of the reasons for choosing UMM in cooperation was because he liked the concept and program of UMM entrepreneursand enterprise. "Initially we would invite all students from all tertiary institutions. But UMM's offer was quite interesting. In addition to doing business, we also want to create a system where students and young people now can make business but not carelessly. We point to the right track," said Frederick.

According to him, the cafe business is not just an ordinary culinary business. Café need interaction between business people and consumers. One of them captures the ideas of students on what and how millennial desires as a target market. "Not just being consumers, but students have the opportunity to become partners. By providing opportunities and platforms to help students have the right entrepreneurship," explained Frederick.

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According to him, if students interacting and have the same vision, it will not be awkward to exchange ideas and support each other. It can even be applied in KKN to be more creative and advanced. "The pattern will be those who manage KKN coffee management going forward. We only monitor and direct. In addition, we will later bring in people who are already successful enough to share. Whether it's for management or consumers like this event out of coffee," explained the man who born in Malang.

Behind that, the man who has been known across the world of the coffee industry since 2006, will educate how and what is coffee and all the trinkets. Changing and creating the concept that hanging out doesn't always have to be expensive but it also values. Delicious doesn't have to be expensive. As the price of coffee served in KKN coffee, starting from Rp 10 thousand to Rp 18 thousand, plus literacy treats.

"In its development, schools about coffee science are expensive, like barista schools, roasting schools are expensive. We want to open up knowledge sharing and cooperation with several barista colleagues and certified roster. At least the perception will be changed, it turns out to be a barista and roster is not expensive," said the supplier of various types of coffee from Sumatra to Papua. (joh)



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