UMM FC Won Torabika Campus Cup 2017

Author : Humas | Tuesday, November 07, 2017 13:39 WIB
UMM FC was a champion of Torabika Campus Cup after defeating UM in the final

University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) successfully won the first champion in the competition Torabika Campus Cup (TCC) 2017. TCC event held at the Stadium of State University of Malang (UM) is a soccer tournament held every year.

Previously, UMM first beat UB team with a score of 3-0, then surpassed University of Dr Soetomo Surabaya (Unitomo) with a score of 2-1. The cheers of supporters supported UMM team to compete well. The result in the final (2/11) UMM performed stunningly by conquering UM as the host with a score of 2-0.

The excellence of UMM team could not be separated from well preparation. Led by coach Edi, the selection process became the first step to determine qualified players. The players who are members of UMM FC Student Activity Unit (UMM FC) passed the selection in three stages including physical endurance, dexterity and good understanding of the ball.

After getting 16 qualified players, the exercises were performed daily in the morning and afternoon. Trying to measure ability after practice routine, TCC team of UMM did a test twice against team from STIE Malang Kucecwara with score of 6-0 and team from Kasembon Football School, Malang Regency. This intense preparation was able to form a team of UMM football strong and full of strategy.

"Because of bringing the name of UMM, we as a team must continue to fight until the win," said Abusalam Kulum, UMM students from Thailand who also became second striker in this competition.

Had scored in the final, Muhammad Dicky Haedar as UMM team midfielder felt the extraordinary atmosphere in this competition.

"We got motivation from the coach that every game is final, so we will continue to maximize in the match," said Dicky with pride.

The victory of UMM was a representative of East Java in the event Torabika Campus Cup 2017 against Padang, Jakarta, Bandung and Makassar. (ard)



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