UMM Farm, Laboratory Based Entrepreneurship

Author : Humas | Friday, March 27, 2015 10:45 WIB

Nature: one of laboratory where student Faculty of Agriculture and Animal Husbandry (FPP) applied their knowledge in class. 

The combination of room laboratory and natural laboratory that located in open area is one of character University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM). It’s shown by Faculty of Agriculture and Animal Husbandry (FPP) UMM that has plantation area, agriculture, animal husbandry and fishery which are managed professionally by branding UMM Farm.

“The main function for academic purpose as research laboratory for students and lectures, and the second is for business,” said Director of UMM Farm Rahmad Pulung Sudibyo MP. According to him, the development of laboratory based on business unit is an effective concept to improve student work experience.  

UMM Farm has some area becomes practicum place for student; one of them is green house as plant laboratory. There are flowers, fruits, fruit combination such as orange in papaya (jempaya), and other decorative plants. UMM Farm has four green houses at located at four different locations in campus.

“Therefore, decoration plants that not used for student practicum are usually rented for offices at UMM,” he said

Behind campus, UMM Farm also has integrated area that containing dairy cow cage, beef cattle cage, goat barn, chicken coop, vegetable farm, flowers, bakery and fish pond. This area used zero waste concepts; it’s no waste. Animal waste in every cage was made as biogas which can be alternative energy as the substitute fuel. “It also can be selari for fish feed ingredients. So, no waste is wasted.”

Moreover, UMM Farm also has apple garden in Batu city one hectare and Sengon forest located behind UMM Hospital. “So there is no reason for my student not study because of no money, because it provided variety of work from this business. Who need money, just come to me,” said Pulung with laughing.

From side of management, UMM Farm has seven division that each division contains academic laboratory and entrepreneurship for students. Starting from agro orchid nursery division that charge of the management and sale of orchid seed until orchids in flowering potted; then agriculture plaza division in the form of garden making and decoration, plants rent and sale of flowers; also garden division for sale of organic vegetable, organic rice and organic fertilizers.

Furthermore, cage division who responsible for sale of goat, sheep, cow, also egg and local egg; division of agriculture industry for the management of apple juice, variety of fruit chips, variety of fish feed, rabbit feed without grass, bio farm agent of biodegradation, starnik and yogurt; then division of farmer tourism for “Ayo Menanam” program and the last is division of agriculture training that manage for training of orchid nursery, mushroom cultivation, gardening for narrow land in urban, inland water fish farming until rabbit cultivation without grass.  

The benefit of UMM Farm strongly felt by student. One of it is felt by Ahmad Marjuki, student of Agro technology study program. “Here I can express directly the creativity and practice the knowledge that learned in class,” he said. (dar/han/t_zuh) 



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