UMM Pushes Global Warming Mitigation

Author : Humas | Tuesday, September 20, 2016 14:31 WIB

The Student cycling around UMM campus. (Photo: Rino Anugrawan)

ONE of the real actions done by University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) to reduce effects of global warming had been revealed by Green and Clean Program since 2013. This program was run to build awareness of students and academics that the clean and green environment was needed in daily life. 

To support this program, Environmental and Population Study Center (PSLK) UMM made some steps. The Head of PSLK UMM, Husamah, said that, now PSLK is running planting plants and trash reduction beside cycling around campus and arboretum conservation.

Husamah continued, cycling was aimed to reduce the use of motor vehicles around the campus, whether by lecturers or students, and to encourage the habit of walking.

 “Hopefully, it can reduce the emission of dioxide carbon and monoxide carbon produced by vehicles. Both gases are the cause of global warming and climate change”.

Furthermore, Husamah explained that, plants absorb dioxide carbon and also produce oxygen. According to the latest calculation, plants can absorb 123 tons of dioxide carbon every year around campus III of UMM. The use of paper proportionally became a concern of UMM. Using paper if it is needed. People could spread information out trough social media or by using papers which were transformed into envelopes.

Meanwhile, the arboretum is an area where a wide variety of trees planted for research and educational purposes. In UMM, the arboretum is being focused on the planting of rare plants. Currently, PSLK entered the stage of increasing the number of plants, including 200 species rare plants which have their own functions. The functions of those trees are to absorb pollutions. Besides, they have tasty fruits, such as guava Darsono.

Husamah continued, "Hopefully, the arboretum will be a laboratory, not only to prevent global warming but also to increase the number of rare plants. The goal is to be a campus tour destination for other schools or regions so it can be an education media”.

This year, PSLK collaborated with lecturers and students of engineering to create QR Code which would be installed in each plant. QR Code would be printed in a board and be installed in each tree by using a wire encircling the tree.

Husamah said,"So there is no use of nails anymore to fit a tree board name. actually, nail will damage the tree”.

In the future, QR Code will be very useful because there will be accurate information about the name, function, and description about a tree. This will allow the visitors to know some information about all plants in arboretum. Husamah stated that, as campus-based technology, UMM should be a pioneer. It took a month for preparation before started to begin.

Husamah explained that, those four programs which were currently in the process of this realization were able to increase students’ awareness to keep the environment in UMM clean. Besides, PSLK cooperated with the Program for Research and Development of New and Renewable Energy (P3EBT) UMM to process garbage in final disposal in Supit Urang, Malang into fertilizer, energy, or fuel. (ich/han)



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