UMM Dominate the KKCTBN 2019 by Winning 3 Titles

Author : Humas | Monday, October 14, 2019 09:57 WIB
UMM team showing off their trophy. (Photo: PR UMM)

Hosting a prestigious event like National Unmanned Fast Boat Contest (KKCTBN) 2019 is a challenge for the University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM). Not just providing maximum services to the participant, the home team performance must be optimal and it is proven by UMM.

In this 3 day event, 10-12 October 2019, UMM successfully won 3 titles. First, 2ndpositionin 2different categories. Namely the Electric Remote Control (ERC) and Fuel Engine Remote Control (FERC) categories. Second, the favorite team nominations in the FERC category won by UMMTeam1, UMM.

Until the announcement (12/10), UMM performed their best performance. UMM Team 2 in the ERC category got the best achievement with a final score of 120,678. While UMM Team 1 was in the FERC category with a final score of 121,379.Also in the ASV category, UMM had to settle for 14th place with a score of 10.8252.

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Even though the team was just formed in one year and UMM did not have a special shipbuilding student activity unit, but they were still optimistic about winning. However, they have a Mechatronic group that focuses on machining. There is a focus on energy-efficient cars, while theshipbuildingresearchstartedin 2019 lately.

"The UMM team before designing the ship first studied the KKCTBN guidelines from the first year to the last year of implementation. Then looked for strengths and strengths and weaknesses of the opposing team, especially the champion subscription team," said Drs Jufri MT MT, the UMM Fast Ship Team companion (13/10).

Also periodic evaluations includingdesigninga flexible body shape and also suitable for all types of tracks and finding the best components. "If the ship is flexible and the components are the best, then all that remains is to develop a strategy to win the competition," Jufri explained.

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After this victory, Jufri claimed that he would still prepare a more solid team to take part in the following competitions. "Of course, we will keep the tradition in being champions for the teams in every competition. Don’t be mistaken, the new participants are all3rdsemester," he said.

Head of Ristekdikti's Reasoning and Creativity Dr. Misbah Fikrianto MM MSi expressed his appreciation to White Campus UMM which hosted the 2019 KKCTBN. "Very high appreciation and praise for this year's KKCTBN event at UMM with an excellent predicate," he said.

Firstly, itis because the number of participants has doubled from the previous year. Secondly, the KKCTBN evaluation at UMM using the application to be transparent and accountable. Finally, the postersas the equipmentsmake it different from the previous years. (joh)



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