UMM Dome Now Equipped with Mini ICU Standard Health Facility for President

Author : Humas | Wednesday, June 07, 2017 05:34 WIB

ICU mini located in the basement of UMM Dome during the visit of President of the Republic of Indonesia, Joko Widodo at UMM

Generally, the visit of the President of the Republic of Indonesia (RI) to some regions should be completed by presidency facilities standard such as health facilities and medical team. However, all those things were not needed when President Joko Widodo visited University of Muhammadiyah Malang last weekend (3/6)

After the Presidential Security Force (Paspampres) saw the completeness of the facilities at the UMM Hospital one day before the arrival of the president (2/6), they decided not to deploy the complete health team as usual. UMM hospital was then appointed to be the main health facility. deputy director of UMM Hospital, dr Thontowi Djauhari NS MKes."After being examined by Paspampres, reviewing the facilities and completeness, then UMM hospital was appointed to be the main health facility,"

Besides, , referring to a circular which requires the existence of a health room with complete facilities, then the UMM Hospital was preparing a room at the corner of the basement dome with ICU equivalent facility. Tonthowi explained that, "We call it a mini ICU because the facilities are standard ICU, not just IGD (Emergency department),"

The ICU standard equipment includes ventilators, suction devices, vascular access equipment, unvasive and non-invasive monitoring equipment, defibrillators or pacemakers, temperature control devices, drain thorax equipment, infusion and syringe pumps, action lights, special beds and Portable equipment for transportation.

This mini ICU is also equipped with a set of observation sheets and medical records. "We also prepare a bracelet bearing the name of Joko Widodo, if onlyMr. President wants to look over here," said Thontowi.

Although the construction of a mini ICU in the basement of UMM was based on the standard protocol rules of the president, but in fact, this facility was considered good for health facilities in the dome area. Thontowi said "So, we decided that the room and this facility will always be here, unloaded. Thus, when there are student activities or other activities, this facility can still be used as a supporter of health facilities, ". (lus)



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