UMM Invited Two Philippines Professors Discussed About 21st The Way of Learning

Author : Humas | Tuesday, February 27, 2018 14:16 WIB
One guest lecturers from the Philippines, Prof. Dr. Henry Gabriel Magat, was delivering the material. (Photo: Ariel)
Apparently, education becomes one of the main factors of University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) to improve the quality of its master students. Therefore, UMM held guest lectures for magister students namely master of English education, master of language education and Indonesian literature, master of policy and education development, and master of mathematics education and invited two professors from Philippine namely Prof. Dr. Henry Gabriel Magat and Prof. Dr. Virgilio Umangay Manzano.
The event which was held (24/2) in GKB 4 Hall was bringing theme of A Place-based Curriculum Design for A Holistic Education in ASEAN Educational Institutions. Specifically, the two speakers discussed the curriculum in detail, including the strategies in developing a good curriculum.
Manzano argued, in the education field, everyone can be a teacher because in each profession they have the opportunity to teach others. Especially, teachers had the opportunity to form a wider learning environment. They also had the ability to encourage student creativity in several ways.
First is modeling. In this context, the teacher can explain how to create ideas. Second, communicating expectations means teachers tell students that creative ideas need to be expressed. The third is reinforcement.
"Students are often discouraged not because they find difficulties in learning but they are less motivated and rewarded. The awards are not only given to successful students, but also to those who fail," said Prof. Dr. Henry Gabriel Magat.
In addition, in achieving a thorough strategy in the classroom, the teacher's role to vary the strategy is essential. According to Magat, great teachers are multi-strategy and multi-method teachers.
"Thus, teachers can understand the various students' characteristics because the way students learn in one class is different," he explained.
In this activity, there is also an approach in learning and 21st century learning practice. There are three approaches that can be used, namely problem-based learning, research/observation, and projects/tasks. Magat also explained ten practices that teachers should do to support this 21st century learning, namely communication skills, student engagement in learning, use of humor, acting, correct instruction, individual study space, positive feedback, student involvement in decision making, cooperative learning use, and love lessons. With practicing, students are required to have a very critical mindset in order to solve the problems they faced.
"To teach students to have a critical mind, it is needed to involve a mindset starting from a simple level (knowing) to a difficult one (evaluation)," said Magat. (ard)


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