UMM and Singapore Polytechnic created "Out of The Box" Project

Author : Humas | Tuesday, March 20, 2018 18:28 WIB

The members of Lontong Team are presenting about Rantang Lontong. This tool can make Lontong quickly cooked. Picture by:Ariel

It has been a week since 56 participants of Learning Express (LEx) from Singapore Polytechnic (SP) and University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) have collaborated on problem solving of community business unit at Temas Village, Batu City. Those 56 students that are divided into 4 groups attend Gallery Work as the final activity of LEx program today, Tuesday (20/3). Gallery Work is as a Closing Ceremony of Learning Express Malang that facilitates the participants to show their projects result in the form of prototype.

The participants were divided into four groups. They searched information about business units through observation. Then, they decided a program to facilitate the needs of the society. Each group had different project. They named their groups as Seasoning, Lontong, Bakso, and Apple. They observed and discussed about the problem faced by the owner of business. After that, they created idea to solve the problems. The ideas then ware formed in prototypes.

The Assistant Rector of UMM for Cooperation Field, Soeparto said that LEx is an important to develop students’ skill of both universities. Furthermore, they got international exposure and tried to think out of the box. Soeparto said, “LEx teaches many things to the students. They get knowledge, learn how to have a good teamwork, and create an innovation for society’s needs. Besides, they try to think differently than others”.

The prototypes made by LEx participants which were showed off in Gallery Work are innovative products and out of the box. For instance, Apple Box created by Apple team is designed airtight and won’t make the products rotten. Bakso Maker is to make meatball easier to make in the same size because the Bakso seller makes Bakso manually that makes the size different.

 Lontong Team created Rantang Lontong, Pulley System, and Centong Maker. Rantang Lontong and Pulley System are pot to make Lontong easier than manually. Centong Maker is designed to make Lontong wrap and to minimalize rice spilled.

Seasoning Team created Mixing Machine and Handcrafted Handbag. Mixing Machine is designed to give easiness for Koki Hoki owner. Innayatul Robania or Naya, a member of Seasoning Team  said that cleanliness is the reason to come up with this idea.

Nay who is a student of UMM said, “The business owner still uses hands to mix the seasoning. It takes so much time to do it and less hygienic.  Mixing Machine is useful to fasten the mixing process and to maintain cleanliness during the production process”. Seasoning Team created bag made from plastic waste. This creation can increase the income of the business owner .

Vincent Koh Wei Jie from Singapore Poly said that he was very happy and so proud to join this program because he can learn many important things especially about teamwork. Vincent said, “We have to make a good teamwork. If I have another chance, I’d love to come here again. Indonesian people are very nice”. (lus)



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