UMM and Muhammadiyah Asked to be Proactive to Help Moslems of Rohingya

Author : Humas | Saturday, July 29, 2017 10:09 WIB

Prof.Tore Lindholm (right) speaks about the importance of defending Moslems of Rohingya

The expert of The International Human Rights Authority of Oslo Coalition Norway Prof. Tore Lindholm requested Muhammadiyah and University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) to proactively help the Muslim minority of Rohingya to get their right as citizens to live safely and peaceful .

According to Tore, one of the elements of human rights ensures that a religious person can be treated fairly by the majority. On Master-Level Course (MLC) event on Sharia and Human Rights which was held by Study of Religion and Multiculturalism Center (PUSAM) UMM at UMM Inn Hotel (27/7), he said   "I am very impressed with the Muhammadiyah movement, I hope this organization can proactively help Rohingya Moslems”.

Tore said that, in the context of cooperation with UMM, Oslo Coalition stressed on the importance of the combination between Human rights and sharia, considering Moslem becomes majority in Indonesia. “As an institution under a big organization which is Muhammadiyah, I think UMM can play a role in various issues of human rights violation that happen in many countries or at least in Southeast Asia”.

In the context of cooperation with UMM, said Tore, Oslo Coalition stressed the importance of the combination between human rights and sharia, considering Indonesia is a Muslim majority country. "As an institution under a large organization, Muhammadiyah, I think UMM can play a deeper role in various issues of human rights violations that occur in various parts of the world, or at least in Southeast Asia," said Tore.

Prof.Tore Lindholm is also impressed with Indonesia which is a democratic country. “We (Oslo Coalition) cooperate with various institutions in Indonesia examine how far the implementation of human rights can be optimal in public”.

Tore expressed his appreciation for PUSAM which is able to maintain the activities that cannot be conducted by public society. He said to the audiences, “It’s a crazy idea to unite sharia and human right. That’s why I congratulate on this forum”.

MLC activity has started since 2011, and now entered the seventh generation. This activity is the result of cooperation between PUSAM UMM with Oslo Coalition-Norwegian Center for Human Rights, the University of Oslo, Norway; International Center for Law and Religion Studies, Brigham Young University, Utah, USA; And The Asia Foundation.

Head of PUSAM UMM Prof. Dr. Syamsul Arifin MSi explained that the purpose of this event was to give understanding to the activist or student about the relationship between sharia and human rights in the context of harmony, conflict, interaction, and response to various contemporary issues.

Syamsul who is also the Vice Rector I of UMM said, "It also opens the awareness of human rights activists about human rights problems in Indonesia, especially those which are related to sharia and Islamic law”.  (lus)



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