UMM and Ministry of Education and Culture Urge People to Maintain Local Language through Film

Author : Humas | Tuesday, September 18, 2018 14:58 WIB

Local culture can be maintained through film. In fact, there are not many films tell about culture and use local language for the dialogue. That is because the actors still do not make unique works. On the Movie Talk Film Indonesia : Between Idealism and Industry held in BAU Hall, University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) on Tuesday (18/9), Bayu Skak, a film producer and Youtuber said, “In Indonesia, usually people tend to make a film following the trend. For example, if horror movie becomes a trending, all producers will make horror movies. They cannot go out from the comfort zone anyway”. In United States and New Zealand, government influences film screening. In Indonesia, films are screened depend on the cinema. Bayu said, “In Indonesia, Cinema owners are like gods. While in the US and New Zealand, the government is the first one who usually watches the film. Then, if they are okay with the story, the cinema can screen it”.

For your information, Bayu Skak is the first one who made a film by using Javanese language which the title is Yo Wes Ben. Muhadjir Effendy, the Minister of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia appreciates his Malangan film. He conveyed that making film by using local languages must be continuously produced. Bayu said, “The Minister said that it is good if people use local language in film. We have to learn from India. India has Bollywood. In Bollywood film, they use 20 percent of national language and 80 percent of local language. The important thing is we put subtitle on it”.

Head of Communication Science Department, Faculty of Social and Political Science UMM, M.Himawan Sutanto explained that there are not many Indonesian films that use local languages. “South Korea has dozens of film schools while India has hundreds. While in Indonesia, film schools are not many. I am hoping that you especially you who are not from Java can produce local films”.

Rudy Lelono, a Media and Film practitioner revealed that both Indonesian film industry and the government never conduct a research about film market. In fact, producers and directors can easily know what they are supposed to do in making film if they do research about film viewers. Despite all of that, films artists must maintain the originality of their works. “Originality is the key to make a work. We must be honest about ideas and our works”.

 The Head of Appreciation Sub Division and film Development Center Award of the Ministry of Education and Culture, Robert conveyed that the ministry of education and culture is ready to support and appreciate film production made by Indonesian youths. “We always support Indonesian films. You can submit a proposal document if you are going to produce a film. Although it’s just been only three years, but we are ready to grow together”.

The Special Staff for Public Communication of the Minister of Education and Culture, Nasrullah revealed that Indonesia, Malang especially has great potential for film production. Indonesia needs to make progress for creative industries. “We have to show our culture to the world. Now, we live between idealism and industry. Our films are good enough, but the idealism of our film is weak”.

At the end, Taufan Agustian who is the director of film Darah Biru conveyed that young generation should not stop creating great works and share their ideas. “Keep on creating great works”.



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