Learning Express: UMM Guides Students from Singapore and Japan

Author : Humas | Monday, March 09, 2015 13:16 WIB
LEARNING EXPRESS: Participants of Learning Express (LEx) term III as taking picture in first-floor Hall of Mosque AR Fachruddin UMM (9/3). (Fandi for PR UMM)

Welcoming third term of Learning Express (LEx), one of society service programs from Singapore Polytechnic, University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) also welcomed Japan students from Kanazawa Institute of Technology (KIT). In two previous terms, Singapore Polytechnic students invented many beneficial innovations for surrounding society in Batu city, East Java.

            The welcoming of 24 students from both Singapore and Japan was done by International Relation Office (IRO) UMM in first-floor Hall of Mosque AR Fachruddin UMM on Monday and Tuesday (9-10/3). Beside this welcoming event, during these two days they were also introduced to Indonesia’s cultures especially Malang and Batu. They also received short daily conversation course in Bahasa Indonesia and Javanese language.

            Starting from Maret 11th – 18th, 2015, those 24 students will be guided by 24 UMM students to get involved and stay over in Batu for conducting research as well as creating new technology innovation. Staff of IRO UMM Karina Sari explained that the participants of this program would be divided into three groups for three different projects.

            “They will work on projects such as: worm farming, cassava chips, and milky candy. During two weeks, they will conduct research relating to those affairs. At March 19th, their research prototype will be exhibited. For us, we call it KKN but dealing with guidance, research and applied technology,” said Karina, one of UMM coordinators for LEx program.

            Head of IRO UMM Dr. Abdul Haris, MA explained that current LEx would be special for UMM also welcomed new guests from Japan. “In two previous terms, they were merely from Singapore,” he told.

            Adding, he continued that there were 12 students and 3 faculties from Japan joining this program. KIT facilitator Matsushita Onihito expressed his gratitude joining this program. “It’s my first time joining this LEx program. We are so enthusiasm,” said him.

            Confirming the explanation, manager of Global Learning from Singapore Polytechnic Siow Chih Wee also explained that UMM was one of best partners for this program. Through LEx, Wee hoped that students from both Singapore Polytechnic and KIT Japan could learn about Indonesia cultures and create a bond with surroundings. “Society service is the core of this program,” he ended. (rhe/zul/han/t_stu)



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