UMM Opens Doctoral Program of Agriculture

Author : Humas | Wednesday, January 28, 2015 16:13 WIB

The government policy that will strengthen the agriculture in Indonesia opens the opportunity for experts. Researcher, the expert of agriculture engineering and policy makers with doctoral degree increasingly required to support this policy. Therefore, that’s challenge should be answered by the opening of doctoral studies in the field of agriculture.

It was the statement from Vice Rector I Universitty of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM), Prof Dr Bambang Widagdo, MM, when asked his comment about the reason of UMM to open the Doctor of Agriculture. This semester the newest study program UMM already started to open new student registration. UMM obtained assurance from General Directorate of Higher Education (Dikti) who considered that this study program is very worth owned By UMM because this campus has  at least six professors in that field.  

UMM, said Bambang, it has qualified for all aspects, both from Human resources or infrastructure. In terms of Human Resource, to open Doctoral program, a campus should have at least two professors in that program. “Because UMM has six professors in the field of agriculture, so academic requirement was not to be the problem.”

Further more about infrastructure, Bambang assessed, UMM has sufficient facilities, both from lecture building, laboratory, until learning resources that come from library or supporting resources that can be obtained by utilizing hotspot area around campus.

“After all, about infrastructure is not as Human Resource problem that should be prepared for a long time. Infrastructure is easier to be resolved. Examples, less classroom just build it, less learning resource just finds it, but if the Human Resources is less it will be bothered. Cannot be rush,” he explained.

While in terms of prospect, Bambang saw the existence of doctoral program of agriculture is very relevant with Indonesia needs in this time. For him, in this time Indonesia has political will to strengthen agriculture and others; there are animal husbandry, fishery, and marine.

Furthermore, Bambang continued, the presence of this study program is strongly supported by Dikti. “At first the name of study program that we proposed is Biotechnology Doctoral Program, but Dikti gave the opportunity to open The Doctor of Agriculture because its scope is broader. If biotechnology limited, but agriculture can be agro technology, socioeconomic agriculture, the important core is agriculture, including fishery and animal husbandry.”

Babang assessed, the presence of this study program is also in line with the situation of our nation that 80% relied their life necessities in the field of agriculture. With the availability of land and the potency of natural resources that very sufficient, Bambang believed, if engineering in agriculture to be developed, Indonesia will have the power of food more that Thailand and Japan.

“During this time, in the field of food we often imported from Thailand and it did not use rupiah currency. Impact, no outsiders buy rupiah. Therefore, one of the ways to improve the value of rupiah is export food sector,” he said.

Doctoral Program of Agriculture completed two study programs of Strata-3; there are the Doctor of social and political Science and Doctor of Islamic Studies. While, linearly, UMM has six study programs in strata-1 and one study program in Strata-2.

“We open opportunities for anyone who is interested to strengthen the academic standing, ability to research, agriculture engineering or policy makers for study at UMM. The excellence of UMM beside institution accreditation with an A, also has complete facilities than can be used by student S-1 until S-3,” said Bambang (han/nas/t_zuh)



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