UMM Makes A Quick Count of Web-Based Applications for Batu City ELECTION

Author : Humas | Wednesday, February 15, 2017 12:07 WIB



One of UMM students was observing the vote acquisition through page. (Photo: Chandra)

Universitas Muhammadiyah Malang through Center for Regional Studies, Population and Disaster Management (Puska2PB-UMM) held a Quick Count or a quick calculation of voting in the event of Batu City Regional Head Election (Election), Wednesday (15/2). To ensure the validity of data from volunteers spread to various polling stations (TPS), UMM made special software application of Quick Count web based (Web Base).

Device created Institute of Information and Communications (Infocom) UMM was deployed at least 10 experts who were ready to observe any incoming data to the server during the calculation. "This data was obtained from volunteers who observed directly," said Head of the Institute of Information and Communication, Ir. Suyatno, M.Si on Wednesday (15/2).

The working system, Suyanto explained, each volunteer was equipped with User ID for to download the applications through Android. "Thus, volunteers do not have to wait for completion of calculations. Every vote could be entered into the application." he explained.

From 420 polling stations, there were 71.43 percent or 300 polling stations which were become sample polling. From those samples, there were 107 144 voters whose data come into the server. "The participation level from our sample data will also be recorded," he said.

The incoming data would be presented in 3 format displays, the bar charts, pie charts and tables. The public could also directly participate in monitoring all the developments through or "The people themselves who chose to see the votes by 3 format display before," said Suyanto.

"In previous elections, we had been asked also to make a Similar application, it's just the method which is still a classic, the which is still using teaching aids in the form of short messages or SMS. Beside, it was high costs and could not be updated at any time, "said Suyanto.

However, from all the new data acquisition were in the form of predictions and still tentative. In addition, the acquisition was not an official result of the Batu City KPU (General Election Commission, Red.). (Can)



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