UMM Snatching Medals at the Indonesia Taekwondo Province of Championship

Author : Humas | Saturday, November 03, 2018 08:42 WIB
The delegations of Taekwondo UMM took a picture together after receiving trophy (Picture: Special)

 Twelve athletes of Student Activity Unit (SAU) Taekwondo University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) won 5 gold medals, 5 silver medals, and 2 bronze medals on the Indonesia Teakwondo Province Championship in Ngawi, East Java (28/10).

This year, UMM continuously got achievements. Hadi Nugraha who is the Chief of SAU Taekwondo said, “Last year, we only got 2 gold medals and a silver medal. Thank God this year we got 12 medals. I am so proud of that because we could bring the name of UMM in this competition”.

This time, there are two matches which are Kyoerugi and Poomsae. Kyoerugi is a match with a knockout system, while Poomsae emphasizes on movement techniques and the participants do battle on the beauty of movements.

The athletes had regular exercise twice a week and also followed training center for a month and half to maintain their weight.

Currently, they are preparing 20 athletes to join UM Cup competition at the end of this month. Further, Hadi said “Next, we will look for athletes who are potential to be delegated on competitions”.

Here are 12 students who won medals:

1. Faisal Burhanudin – Gold Medal for Poomsae Beginner

2. Yogi Wahyudi – Gold medal for Gyorugi U-52 Beginner

3. Muhammad Kadhafi – Gold medal for Gyeorugi U-55 Beginner

4. Lili Ernawati – Gold Medal for Gyeorugi U-40 Beginner

5. Putri Pratiwi Rundju – Gold Medal for Gyeorugi U-49 Beginner

6. Bima Al-Furqon – Gold Medal for Gyeorugi U-59 Beginner

7. Gavra Dharmmesta Yusuf – Silver Medal for Gyeorugi U-47 Beginner

8. Muhammad Kautsar Khalifatullah – Silver Medal for Gyeorugi U-74 Senior

9. Hadi Nugraha – Silver Medal for Gyeorugi U-87 Senior

10. Farah Aulia Rahmah – Silver Medal for Gyeorugi U-87 Senior

11. Yolan Dwi Frianto Nugroho – Bronze Medal for Gyeorugi U-54 Senior

12. Muhammad Luqman Hakim – Bronze Medal for Gyeorugi U-68 Senior




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