UMM Fostered Sapeken Fishermen and Housewives to Increase Economic Potential

Author : Humas | Tuesday, October 01, 2019 11:07 WIB
Sapeken residents who are members of IRT and UMM Biology students took a photo together (Photo: PR)

The Sapeken Islands were the farthest and easternmost districts of Sumenep Regency. Access to the Sapeken Islands was quite difficult due to inadequate geographical factors and means of supporting transportation so that this district was isolated, experiencing gaps, and far behind other districts especially from Sumenep mainland.

Poverty rates in areas located in the Madura islands were still quite high. Actually, Sapeken Islands had a Marine-based Natural Resources (SDA) potential which was quite large and had the potential to be developed. They needed a companion to boost their potential.

Feeling called, the team of lecturers from the Biology Education Department of the University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) conducted community service, which was focused on assisting the Home Industry (IRT) of making souvenirs typical of the Sapeken Islands and fishing groups.

The activity was sponsored by the Ministry of Technology and Higher Education Research (Ristekdikti) through the scheme of the Application of Appropriate Technology to the Community (PPTTG) in 2019. This activity also coordinated with the Community Development Team (COMDEV) of Kangean Energy Indonesia (KEI), an oil and gas company (Migas) operating in the Sapeken Islands that had initiated community empowerment.

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Dr. Iin Hindun MKes, explained that based on the results of observations and research conducted by several previous lecturers, facilitated by the Special Work Unit (SKK) Oil and Gas-KEI revealed that the area provided enormous marine potential.

"But we are focused on two things, namely raising the potential for snacks or souvenirs originating from this area. One of the things that we encourage is making shredded fish meat. Of course, this island has many fish, shrimp, crabs and seafood. Therefore, we also choose fishing group partners so the two partners will work together. One supplies raw materials, one processes it into a typical product of the Sapeken Islands, "Iin Hindun added, Sunday (9/29).

Meanwhile Thahira Hudrie, group leader from IRT "Dapoer Emmak" said that so far there were many problems or obstacles they faced. These constraints were the use of tools that were still simple, the number was limited and manual so that production was still low and marketing was still in a narrow area, and the volume was small because the amount of production was very limited.

Assistance provided in the form of a shredded making machine package. There was a steamer or presto so the cooking materials was faster and even. There was also a frying machine so that shredded fish meat cooked evenly and not afraid to burn. It was also assisted by Spinner so that oil can be removed, then shredded fish meat will last longer.

"We are also helped by sealers and are taught how to pack well. The total cost of this tool seems to be more than 60 million. Imagine if we had to buy it ourselves. We are passionate about increasing production and making a variety of products so that it can increase the name of the Sapeken islands, "said Thahira.

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In a separate place Husni Mubarak, the coordinator of the fishermen group "Sapeken Sejahtera" informed, beforehand the problem that they faced was limited costs so that only had a small boat, a small power engine (small GT), weak access to lighting and navigation, and marketing of the catch that was not optimal.

"We are thankful for getting the help of a boat. Pretty big. Around 3 to 4 GT. There is already a machine too. The ship was already equipped with solar power. So at night, the lighting is as you wish, "added Husni, who claimed that since elementary school he had become a fisherman.

Husni also claimed that after the presence of this ship, yields and revenues have increased many times. They were also more willing to catch fish some distance away because the ship and the engine were decent. Their catch was also guaranteed marketing because at least it has collaborated with shredded fish meat processing IRT. (win)



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