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THE NOTABLE presenter and the host of Mata Najwa on Metro Tv, Najwa Shihab, is back to Universitas Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) as the interviewees of the book review Mata Najwa: Mantra Layar Kaca with the writer Fenty Effendy in UMM Dome Theater Room on Thursday (1/10). There were 500 students participated in the event.

“Assalamu’alaikum . . . I’m back. This is the third time I’ve been here. I guess I’m in love with UMM . . .” said Najwa, followed by loud applause from participants.

Previously, Najwa has visited UMM in 2012 and 2013. Along with the crew of Metro Tv and hundreds of UMM students, the Mata Najwa on Stage Program broke the record of the highest attendance and enthusiasm. That impression is everlasting for her.

This time, the event is held in Brantas Stadium of Batu City. To express her longing to UMM students, Najwa firstly attended the Meet and Greet as the part of the book review event.

Fenty Effendy also expressed her deep impression to UMM. She admitted that the inspiration of her book came from her time with Najwa at UMM Dome in 2013. “That time I saw great enthusiasm from the Rector, lecturers and students. The keynote speakers were really interesting,” she said. The keynote speakers in the event were the Minister of State-Owned Enterprises (BUMN) Dahlan Iskan, ex-Chairman of Supreme Court MAhfud MD and the Vice Governor of Jakarta Basuki Tjahaja Purnnama.

This impression was written on page 22 and 23 of her book. She was impressed with the explosive gangnam style dance performed by Dahlan Iskan in UMM Dome.

In question-answer session, Najwa and Fenty seemed overwhelmed dealing with many questioners. Almost all the participants raised their hands to ask. Some of them were curious about what behind the production of Mata Najwa show and some others critically asked whether there were entrusted questions or not. One of the participants asked that why most of the interviewees are politician, not the outskirts people.

Responding the questions, Najwa seemed calm. She approached the questioners and immediately drew the attention of the participants to take a selfie with her.

“There is no any entrusted question. Never,”  she affirmed. She confirmed that any question that sounds cornering the interviewee represent what most viewers are curious about.

As example, she compared the way she interviewed Rhoma Irama, Angel Elga, and Farhat Abbas with Megawati, BJ Habibie, Budiono, or the Mayor of Surabaya, Tri Rismaharani.  The last mentioned four are functionaries, so that all the questions asked are about the policies taken. For those who want to be leader should be asked about what they will do. “It is that simple, actually,” she explained.

Regarding the most memorable experience, Najwa shared many things. One of the them is when she interviewed BJ Habibie who was in condolence of his wife’s death. She had to resist the urge to cry during the emotional interview. “Since I was on screen, I have got to be tough. In fact, all the crews cried uncontrollably,” she confirmed.

Same thing happened when she faced Megawati. Najwa admitted that at first she would not ask too personally about Taufik Kiemas, Megawati’s former husband. But in the end she could not avoid it. “And the answer of Megawati is beyond our expectation. We were all in silent,” she recalled. In the ending of Apa Kata Mega episode, there was amazing thing happened: the closing state from Mega with the fragment of ‘Indonesia Raya’ anthem was really arousing.

Both Najwa and Fenty are impressed with with UMM. They are satisfied with the enthusiasm of the students which made the event lasted longer than the schedule. This resulted in the re-arrangement of Najwa’s schedule for a talkshow in a radio station.       


The Vice Rector III Dr. Diah karmiyati, Psi conveyed her deep gratitute to Najwa and MetroTv. This cooperation makes students pleased and proud. “Hopefully this event can motivate and inspire our students,” she ended. (nas/t_far)



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