UMM Entrepreneurship Training Makes the Alumni Ready to Work

Author : Humas | Monday, December 07, 2009




     The UMM Alumni and Students Carrier Development Centre, again, held a training for the alumni-would-be. The training was divided into two topics. Firstly, the way how to face the work was held at BAU Hall. Secondly, the entrepreneurship training was held at the Economic Faculty Meeting Room. Those topics were on Monday-Wednesday (11/23-25).

According to the Chief CentreDrs. Dwi Eko Waluyo, MM, the alumni who were interested in having any business should join the entrepreneurship training. They were trained about how to start a new business, the development model, business management, entrepreneurship strategies, ideas, and chances. While those who were interested in having jobs should join the work training. They got the way how to make the correct curriculum vitae, psychotest and interviews, and counseling.

     “Make the interesting curriculum vitae which can make people interested in knowing more about you. Tell what you have, and be confident,” said Yudi Suharsono S.Psi, M.Si.

Ir. Nur Alif, MT, in entrepreneurship training shared the keys to be a successful entrepreneur who could be able to take any chances. Nowadays, the young entrepreneurs were demanded to be creative.

     There were many UMM alumni who were successful. One of them was Sumarno. He was the alumni of Management department and now joinedDRS. J. Tanzil andRekan as theSHCM Consultan. According to him, the students should strengthen the networking before they started the real life. He never thought that he could earn money now for his family.

     UMMhad many successful alumni. A father of UMM student, when he came for signing the UMM-Students contract, told that his son earned more than 1 billion per month.

     After graduating from UMM, the alumni still kept in touch with UMM. It was because there was a special bureau to handle them. The alumni provided scholarship for the UMM students, as their thanks to UMM and care to the students.(hlw/t_ris)



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