UMM Provided Lecturers A Special Skills for Career Development and Student Entrepreneurship

Author : Humas | Monday, February 26, 2018 14:28 WIB
Agus Endra, Chairman of China Association (INTI) Malang Raya was greeting lecturer at Training for Trainer Lecturer Career and Entrepreneurship at UMM Hall Rusunawa
The growth of entrepreneurship ratios number nationally becomes the concetration of University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) to build an entrepreneurship climate for students. Related to it, today is held a Training for Trainers of UMM Career and Entrepreneurship Lecturer at Hall Rusunawa UMM, Monday (26/02).
UMM Rector, Fauzan said that building entrepreneurial spirit is a new history for UMM to face millenial era. Fauzan instructed 149 participants who were representative lecturers from all study programs to integrate the development of the latest issues in teaching and learning activities.
"Changing mindset in teaching should be implemented to improve the quality of student learning outcomes," he said.
On the same occasion, Vice Rector I, Syamsul Arifin said that UMM is currently in an ideal position to develop a futuristic learning model as an effort to form a high quality graduate profile. One of them can be done with the establishment of entrepreneurial spirit.
"Currently, the development of UMM requires us to form a profile of qualified graduates," said Syamsul.
Meanwhile, Vice Rector II, Nazaruddin Malik said that the most difficult entrepreneurship teaching is to cultivate a sense of potential business that can be built.
"Teaching entrepreneurship is the most difficult to build his own entrepreneurial spirit," said Nazaruddin.
To sharpen this matter, Nazarrudin said that UMM continuously strives to build a social environment that can shape the entrepreneurial spirit for all academic community.
"UMM is currently trying to build a social environment that provides space for expression for all elements of the university," explained Nazzarudin.
Adding Nazaruddin, Chairman of the Chinese Association of Chinese (INTI) Malang, Agus Endra explained that to be an entrepreneur requires persistence and diligence. Both have to be owned by an entrepreneur.
"Entrepreneur needs two things, tenacious and painstaking," said Agus.
According to Agus, the most appropriate business especially for studentsis related to technology because it has a great opportunity to develop.
"Entrepreneurship related to technology will be a sustainable business," said Agus.
In this event, all present lecturers were given some materials such as development of entrepreneurship form in digital era, Focus Group Discussion (FGD) to design Bussines Plan, Self Management: Self Assessment, and Business Capital Access.
After the training, it will be opened A Special Career and Entrepreneurship Class for final semester students who completed several meetings. Hopefully, all UMM graduates are ready to become entrepreneurs.


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