UMM Built New PLTMH in Boonpring Turen

Author : Humas | Tuesday, April 23, 2019 10:20 WIB
Cutting the Tumpeng Rice as a sign of the start of the construction of PLTMH. (Photo: Rino / PR)

University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) through the Faculty of Engineering and a number of parties returned to be the pioneers of the development of New Renewable Energy (EBT) by building a Micro Hydro Power Plant (PLTMH) recently. This time the construction was carried out in the Andeman Eco-Tourism, Sanankerto Village, Turen District, Malang Regency, East Java.

UMM was not alone, this PLTMH also co-operated with Bank Nasional Indonesia (BNI), Jawa Pos Radar Malang, Bumdes Kerto Raharjo and supported by the Malang Regency Government. In its construction, it used CSR Community Development funds from BNI. "We use funds of around 348 million," said Ali Suasono, BNI Head Office Banking in Malang in the first stone laying ceremony on Saturday (4/20).

The Chairman of the UMM PLTMH Technical Team, Ir Suwignyo, MT explained this PLTMH in the Eco-Tourism Andeman - Boon Pring was community-based to support the conservation of Andeman water resources and integrated ecotourism development. "This effort is based on Andeman Spring Resources, the wishes of the community and the Sanakerto Village Government that have the potential to be developed," he explained.

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 "The development of these spring resources is expected to be the centre of community-based rural economic development. The aim is to improve economic welfare, the development of workplaces and productive communities supporting tourism places and the development of a sustainable social environment," he continued when met during the breaking of the ceremony.

One of the potentials of the Andeman spring is the electricity produced by the PLTMH which can be used during the day for rural productive activities and for the development of pump irrigation in the agro-tourism area. And it can be used as tourism Education Park of science-technology which was new energy. In the evening, it is used for lighting tourist areas and the surrounding environment.

Before carrying out the construction, it needed design and feasibility analysis so that when the PLTMH construction process can run smoothly as planned. And at the time of post-construction, the PLTMH did not have social and economic problems. This feasibility study was conducted to find out whether the construction of the PLTMH fulfils the feasibility from a technical and economic perspective.

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 Technically, PLTMH Sanankerto Village relied on 0.50 M3 per second of water discharge by extracting it from Andeman water sources. The turbines used were different from used in the PLTMH at UMM before. "The Boonpring turbine uses a vertical shaft propeller. If it is successful, we will develop it to produce turbine and will be sold, "said the lecturer in Civil Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, UMM.

This turbine, continued Suwignyo, was a design of the UMM engineering team. The energy that was driven from his turbine design reached 14 kWatt throughout the year. In making Boonpring PLTMH, Sanankerto Village was planned to start in May and finish at the end of September. "The PLTMH Boonpring will become a field laboratory for the UMM Faculty of Engineering," he added.

The head of Sanankerto Village, H. Subur, S.E, explained that the existence of PLTMH in the area he leads is admitted to adding value to the Boonpring environment as a tourist destination so that it can bring new innovations. "In addition to increasing the productivity of bamboo craftsmen, in the future, Sanankerto will be used as a centre for agrotourism learning," he said while giving a speech.

Vice Regent of Malang Regency felt proud of this achievement. "In Indonesia, renewable energy sources are still a challenge that must be developed. Especially in the modern era, the construction of PLTMH played a vital role in achieving development progress in other fields. Hopefully, this development can benefit the community," said Sanusi, who also gave a speech. (Win)



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