UMM Discusses the Influence of Value Planting on Traffic Methods

Author : Humas | Monday, June 25, 2018 15:00 WIB
Prof. Ivars Austers from University of Latvia is presenting the material to the participants at the guest lecture

To understand others' perspective, it can be seen from the way a person drives. This was conveyed by Prof. Ivars Austers from Latvia University. In front of lecturers and staff, Ivars presented his research on the psychology of traffic. He found that culture in a country affects one's perspective in traffic.

"Perspective-taking is not inborn but it is developed in her true life," he said as a speaker at guest lecture of Psychology Study Program of University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) on Monday (25/6) entitled 'Caring about Perspective- taking '.

Prof. Ivars said that perspective-taking is different from empathy. Empathy is more of a person's emotional, while perspective takes more into a person's cognitive or thought-provoking state.

Ivars continued, Indonesia and other Asian countries tend to have a collective culture. It is different from individualist American and European countries. This culture also affects a person's ability to understand the perspective of others.

"So, Prof Ivars had a lot to cite perspective-taking in traffic. We are not only responsible for the vehicles we carry, but we also have to understand other motorists when in traffic," said Dian Caesaria Widyasari, one of the lecturers who also became the moderator of the event.

Dian claimed various materials presented by Prof. Ivars is very interesting. One of them, about Human Values ​​and Risking Car Driving. In fact, the value a person brought since childhood affects how to drive his car.

"Earlier had been exemplified someone who exalts power tends to apathetic not to give a signal when turning right or left on the highway. It was different when someone grows up with good values ​ in his environment, then he can be more wise in driving," he concluded.
(UMM Public Relations)


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