UMM Invites Parents to Strengthen Children’s Characters Through Parenting Style Optimization

Author : Humas | Saturday, March 24, 2018 16:41 WIB

The era influences children foster pattern in a family. Every family dreams that their children are healthy, strong, and happy. Nowadays, parents are confused to determine the right parenting style. Because of that, Psychology Laboratory of Family and Children Faculty of Psychology University of Muhammadiyah Malang (LPTK FPSi UMM) held a National Seminar under the theme “The Optimization of Family Role in Child Growth” at GKB IV Hall UMM on Saturday (24/3).               

The Dean of Psychology of Faculty, Salis Yuniardi conveyed that parents do not need to worry about the right parenting style for children. In his opinion, the involvement of the whole family members especially father and mother is the best way to accompany children growth. Salis said, “The right parenting style is to involve the whole family members in educating children”.

Meanwhile, Rector of UMM, Fauzan asked the meaning of “optimization” to the audiences. Parenting style has to be understood by all people includes students, not only those who are married and have children. Fauzan said, “The understanding of parenting style need to be understood by students”.

This Seminar was also attended by Tina Afiatin, a Psychology lecturer as well as a Psychology observer of Gadjah Mada University of Yogyakarta. Tina explained about the Role of Family in Educating Children Nowadays. Tina explained about the challenges faced by parents in educating children. She answered Rector’s question about real optimization of parenting style.

According to Tina, the optimization of parenting is the basic of success for parents to educate their children. Children’s strong character is the basic step of children to live their lives in the future. Tina said, “The optimization will succeed if a child has a strong character”.

Furthermore, Tina suggests parents to train and develop five basic intelligences of children, which are spiritual intelligence, intellectual intelligence, social intelligence, emotional intelligence, and physical intelligence. Tina said, “Those five basic intelligences have to be sharpened and strengthened”.

Tina also explained how to be a good parent in this modern era. Technology influences children’ behaviors. They tend to be more quiet and lonely. This has to be a concern for parents. Tina said, “Parents must pay attention to the effects caused by the technology”.

The Head of Psychology Laboratory of Family and Children Faculty of Psychology University of Muhammadiyah Malang (LKPTA) UMM, Iswinarti, stated that it is the time for children to go back to the old traditional parenting style, such as asking them to play outside the house and socialize with their friends in the same age. Iswinarti said, “Parents have to implement the principle of children learning. Children learn from the environment”.

Iswinarti, who is also a lecturer of Psychology Faculty, said for instance letting children under 5 years old use smartphone is one of ways that parents use to introduce technology to their children. She said, “It is okay for children under 5 to acknowledge technology. But, as parents, we have to monitor them”. Parents are allowed to work and leave children to a nanny, but intensive mentoring will be better. She said, “Intensive monitoring teaches children to build good communication with parents and people around them”.

Moreover, there was also an inauguration of LPTKA FPSI UMM in this event. It is aimed to help family that needs a counseling especially about parenting style. (lus)



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