Calling the Community to Prepare The Urban Farming Concepts in Millennial Era

Author : Humas | Saturday, September 22, 2018 14:49 WIB
Riza Rahman Hakim gives the sample how to create a good place for fish cultivation

Fishedupark as the laboratory of the Fisheries Department, Faculty of Agriculture and Animal Husbandry (FPP), University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) continues to contribute to the study of fisheries.

By the end of the last week, Fishedupark held training program about fish cultivation used a bio natural (Biona) and aquaponics catfish farming with the theme "The Real Urban Farming" on Saturday (22/9) at the UMM Fisheries Laboratory. All participants who attended were not only the students but also lecturers, instructors and practitioners of fisheries.

In this training, participants are not only got the material and the concept of real urban farming that contained Biona's system in catfish cultivation but also got the materials about how to do hatchery based on the standard Good Fish Hatchery Method (CPIB) and also partition how to prepare the water and aquaponics media.

As the presenter, two practitioners Ganjar Adhy Wirawan, S.Pi., MP and Riza Rahman Hakim, S.Pi., M.Sc. Both of them are the UMM Fisheries lecturers delivered the materials about the urban farming.

According to Ganjar, the concept of urban farming needs to be socialized and applied. It happened by considering the tendency of society that can productively produce its own food products.

Moreover, Indonesian young generation has less interested in the fisheries sector, whereas in other countries this is actually increasing.

"Utilizing the narrow land like in cities is also a reason for the community can maximize in utilizing narrow land and limited water. So we have to conceptualize urban farming itself, " added by Ganjar in his presentation.

The purpose of this activity is providing materials and proofing the concrete evidence to the public about the concept of real urban farming. Participants are educated on how to be able to produce freshwater fish, especially catfish that has good quality in terms of health and quality of their products. This activity perhaps can increase people's interest in fishery products, and introduce technically the activity of the Fisheries Department.

In the same occasion, Fadhilah Purna Agustin, one of the training participants think that she is very interested and educated in this activity, especially in the use of existing land.

"I am very interested in this Biona and aquatic system. I want to utilize the pool that I have. Also, I am educated about the system of cultivation of fishery products, feed management and other materials," said one participant from Plaosan, Malang Regency. (bel/ sil/ nis)



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