JF Chaplaincy Student Activity Unit Calls for Prayers Congregation Movement in Mosque

Author : Humas | Monday, November 28, 2016 12:07 WIB

Photo with campus officials and administrators of UKM-K AR Fachruddin after launching Prayers Congregation Movement in the mosque. (Documentation Committee)

Against the backdrop of concerns over caused a number of students and lecturers who often ignored adzan, the Students of Spirituality Unit (UKM-K) A.Rfachruddin and A.R Fachruddin development Agency initiated Gerakan Shalat Berjamaah/ GSB (Prayer Congregation Movement) in mosque. This event was launched after praying dzhuhur on Monday (28/11) and was followed by a number of campus officials.

 Chairman of UKM JF, Udin Nurwahid who is a student of Faculty of Agriculture and Animal Husbandry(FPP) 2014 said “Usually, the people who are on the first floor, they tend to ignore adzan and keep doing their activities. This movement supports the campus which requires the people within it to do five times daily prayers.”

In order to keep this program running well, they made a team called “Tim Hisbah” or a group which “reminds to do good things”. This team consisted of 10 members of UKM –K JF. If the time to pray comes, they will go to every room in the mosque to remind the people who are around there to do prayer congregation. Besides, they also made creative poster themed prayer congregation. They put stand banned with the same theme in every corner of the mosque.

Secretary BPM Choirul Amin Setiadi stated that the movement also supports Structural Studies which are held regularly every Monday and Thursday at Masjid AR .

Choirul continued, a number of efforts done by BPM to raise prayer congregationawareness were not effective. "Shalat had been timed. For those who do not know, please tell to others who do not know yet and please inform that the mosque AR Fachruddin has a prayer congregationprogram at the mosque, "

Meanwhile, Vice Rector Prof. Dr. Syamsul Arifin, M.Si responded positively to these activities. He said that a movement such as this GSB was one way to establish a culture of civil society on campus. (Can / han)



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