UKM Fair, Event of UMM Students to Show Their Works

Author : Humas | Wednesday, October 19, 2016 10:16 WIB
UMM Kine Club to give explanation to the student while UKM Fair. Photo by Disty/Humas
Beside academic competition, the works of student  for self-development through student organization (Ormawa) considered important. Through ormawa, the students can dig and show their own abilities.
Therefore, many activities that initiated by Student Activity Units (UKM) at University of Muhamadiyah Malang (UMM) will be very productive for student-development. This is the importance of UKM Fair that held at UMM Helipad, Saturday (15/10).
The UKM Fair followed by 26 UKM and 3 Muhammadiyah autonomous organization (ortom) which showing itself through the stand that has been provided by the university. UKM fair was part of Student Day that opened today.
"UKM Fair to be grouped with the opening of Student day so both UKM and ortom can contact directly with new students," The head of 2016  UMM Student Day, Zen Amirudin, explained.
 Zen Added, This UKM Fair also to show  to the new students all of organizations that exist in the campus . It's like the open house of ormawa. "We want the students not mere as college students but also as activist to spending their spare time" The 3rd vice dean of Social and Political Science Faculty explained.
UKM Fair to become event of  ormawa to display itself uniquely and creatifly through stand. "Every UKM and Ortom has to decorate their own stand as good and as creative as possible.  In the last event will be anncounced the most creative and the most clean stand," Zen Explained.


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