The OSCE Test Guaranteed Professional UMM Nursing Graduates

Author : Humas | Friday, June 28, 2019 15:44 WIB
One of the exam processes. (Photo: Rizki/PR)

In order to guarantee the quality of professional nurse eligibility, the Nursing D3 Department (FIKES) of the University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) held an Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) exam. This exam lasts two days (27-28 / 6) at Campus 2 of UMM after Clinical Practice.

"After the clinical practice that took place in the hospital for one semester, then they conducted the OSCE test. The OSCE test is conducted as a form of structural evaluation to assess the ability or clinical skills after taking Nursing Professional Practice," said Faqih Ruhyanudin, M. Kep., Sp. Kep.MB, Dean of Fikes.

The OSCE test aimed to evaluate the overall practice process in the hospital or clinical practice to evaluate student achievement. "While the purpose of organizing the OSCE exam is also part of the need for student academic preparation during the lecture process," Faqih said in his room.

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In detail, Faqih continued, the OSCE exam at the beginning until now had similarities with previous examinations. "Maybe the evaluation format is a little different. Starting from the attitudes, skills or abilities, and how they treat patients. This exam is held in a structured manner," he said.

There were at least 14 types of skills that were tested and divided into specific departments. Among them were the Department of Medical-Surgical Nursing, Department of Emergency, Childhood Nursing, Maternity Nursing, Family and Gerontik nursing, Integrated Maternity Nursing, and Mental Nursing

Imanda Oktavia Kusnia also shared her experience as an OSCE test participant. "In the Mental Nursing Department for me is the most memorable part. In this department, we must be able to know what is felt by the patient and the actions are taken to handle it," said this 6th-semester student.

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"Before taking the OSCE test, the participants must complete all assignments and clinical practice in all Departments and collect various tasks determined by each department," explained Reni Ilmiasih, S.Kep., Ns., M.Kep. , Sp. Kep.An. the head of the UMM Nursing D3 Department.

Percentage of curriculum UMM Nursing D3 curriculum as vocational education was practice so that the standardized OSCE exam practice model that used national standard rooms was done starting in 2014. Now, the OSCE exam was attended by 75 participants who had fulfilled the specified requirements.

"It is hoped that this exam can be an effort to increase the quality of our graduates and 60% (the weight of the practical competence) is fulfilled so that they can absorb all of their practical abilities, "said Reni, met after the exam at Campus 2 UMM, Lowokwaru, Malang. (Win)



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