Tyrender, Breakthrough of UMM Student Who Passed to the World Innovation Event

Author : Humas | Wednesday, September 12, 2018 15:50 WIB

Have you observed that vehicle tires especially freight transport must be periodically replaced? Yes, these vehicle tires gradually falls on erosion due to the friction. Most of tire transport is only about one or two years, even less. In fact, the price of each tire is millions of rupiah.

Having concern for drivers and transportation equipment entrepreneurs because of the fast erosion of vehicle tires, Haryo Widya Darmawan, a student of Mechanical Engineering Study Program, Faculty of Engineering, University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) created a concept of sophisticated innovation Tyrender.

Unexpectedly, through this creation tool, Haryo, even came to Seoul International Invention Fair (SIIF) in Seoul, South Korea from December 6-9, 2018. This event is an international innovation competition organized by Korea Intellectual Property Organization (KIPO) and Korea Invention Promotion Association (KIPA).

Haryo said, the homemade Tyrender is a friction-lowering temperature tool on the tire. "This tool is to reduce the excessive temperature due to the tire friction. The final function is to extend tire life," he said, Wednesday (12/9).

This fifth semester student further described, there are several conditions that make tires get erosion, namely the road surface, vehicle speed and load received. In addition, excessive temperatures due to the friction also become one of the triggers of the fast tire thinning.

The tool he designed will minimize this. Consisting of a series of water tanks, controllers, pumps and nozzles that are designed in such a way, Tyrender will automatically spray water when the tire temperature exceeds the limit. Thus, the tire age can be longer.

"This tool will be installed under the fender (spakbor.red) and right above the tire. When the temperature tire reaches a certain excess temperature, the nozzle will spray water with a spray system and thoroughly. So it's not in one place," he added.

After the temperature returns to the normal number, this tool will stop spraying water automatically. Haryo also gave an example, if at the beginning the tire will have a temperature of 30 degrees, when it goes up to 35 degrees and accelerates to 40 degrees, this tool will automatically return the tire temperature to 35 degrees.

"Automatically, the spray will die if the temperature has returned," he said.

Being one of Indonesia's representatives at the prestigious event which was attended by 30 countries in the world, Haryo is currently refining his design while preparing various documents needed. Despite competing with various people with various professional backgrounds from all over the world, he remains confident and optimistic.

"There are various categories, they are contruction, electric, to mechanical controllers. I joined the mechanical controller. The competition participants are not only students, but also those who come from professionals in well-known companies, such as Pertamina," he said.

In 2017, the competition at the SIIF event, Indonesia managed to bring three gold medals, five silver medals and six bronze medals. Haryo also hopes that his departure will be able to present the best results for universities and Indonesia. "Anyway, I'm sure and I’ll give the best," he concluded. (ard)



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