Closing 2016, Rector Held Dinner with Foreign Students

Author : Humas | Saturday, December 31, 2016 11:12 WIB

ENDING 2016, Rector of University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM), Fauzan, through the International Relations Office (IRO) held a dinner with foreign students who studied at UMM. More than 150 students from various countries attended the event which took place in Sengkaling Culinary UMM, Friday night (30/12).

International students who attended, mostly from Asia, Europe and Africa. Some of them are following the Learn and Teach Internship Program and Scholarship Program in UMM. Many foreign students who studied through regular stripe also presented to enliven the event.

"I hope you can learn optimally at UMM, especially learning Indonesian. After returning to your country, you should become an UMM spokesman in your country, "said Fauzan, UMM Rector, in his speech.

Fauzan also challenged the entire international student to ask their friends to lecture at UMM also. Fauzan targeted, quota of international student will be increased to 600 seats in the next

year. Furthermore, Fauzan also hoped that, not only studying on campus, but also international students could study at UMM surrounding communities.

In addition, Cambodian students who are taking classes at several universities in Indonesia came to pay their respects to the Rector of UMM. The arrival of Cambodian students to Malang was to thank that had received their friends to lecture at UMM.

The event closed with the gifts distribution to all attendees who came. Interestingly, gifts brought by each student contained items that was unexpected. The funny thing was, some of them did not deserve to be the gifts stuff, such as detergent or cookie jar. (Can / han)



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