Closing Student Day, Amien Rais Explains Five Big Challenges

Author : Humas | Monday, January 18, 2010 10:37 WIB



           Former Chief of People Consultative Assembly, Prof. Dr. M. Amien Rais, MA, was present at University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM), Saturday (1/2). Amie was invited by the Rector Muhadjir Effendy to close a series of UMM Student Day events of 2009 at UMM Dome. Among 5500 new students, Amien expressed concerns on challenging global issues today.

           In Amien’s view, there are currently five major problems that occur in the world, namely the problem of explosion of world population, food crisis, energy crisis, ecological destruction, and crisis of civilization.

           "In a second, there is a baby born in this world, while the deaths are four. You can imagine the growth of people on this earth in one minute, one hour, one day or one month," said Amien. The acceleration number of people did not accompanied by an increase in quality of service to the inhabitants of the earth. It is troubling because all living creatures are having right to a decent life.

           The impact of the first issue spread in the second to the fifth issue. The population requires food sufficiency and energy. They would certainly reduce the quality of the environment. In turn, there would be conflicts between people who destroy civilizations.

           "It is so easy for people killing and destroying each other. War is flown everywhere by the nation who feel of being the greatest, such as the United States," continued the former chairman of Muhammadiyah Central Leadership.

Based on that, Amien told the students to evoke the spirit of seeking knowledge and mastering technology because, as the hadith of the Prophet, who wanted to conquer the world, the afterlife and the world and the hereafter, then master the science.

             "UMM is not only the largest, but also insyaallah the most qualified university. So, here it is where you can get knowledge and master technology as well as possible," said Amien.

             Meanwhile, the Rector who accompanied Amien, said UMM Student Day is one event to train students to be active in the world of student affairs and make them more critical and active. Thus, through the Student Day, the students are expected to be more productive during the study at UMM.

           This year, Student Day entered its 20th of years since it was announced by the former UMM Rector, Prof. HA Malik Fajar, MSc. When opening the event a few months ago, Malik believed that Student Day can be used as training medium for student leadership because for one full semester, students are involved in various activities for practice. (rka/t_alf)

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