Closing the Seminar and Workshop of Cultural Dakwah, Din Syamsudin Notes Four Postscripts

Author : Humas | Saturday, June 06, 2015 14:33 WIB

The National Seminar and Workshop of Cultrual Dakwah held by Culture Institution (LK) at University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) is officially closed today, (6/6) by the Chairman of the Central Executive Board of Muhammadiyah Prof. Dr. Din Syamsudin. The event which takes the theme “The Cultural Dakwah Revitalization toward The Real Muslim Society” has been held since yesterday. Various perspectives against the theme were suggested by keynote speakers from sundry realms. Several of them are the Head of Central Executive Board of Muhammadiyah Sukriyanto A.R., M.Hum, Prof. Dr Munir Mulkhan, Dr. M. Damami, Dr M. Nurhakim, and the Regent of Bojonegoro, Suyoto.

In his closing speech, Din delivered four notes. First, there is a need of reconciliation between the methodology of cultural dakwah and the situation in society. Muhammadiyah, he said, is known as having a strict theological actualization for its firmness on the spirit of purification. All of this spirit of purification leads to the rejection of almost all syncretism elements in society.

“There is no need to argue that Muhammadiyah has a strict ideology. However, the cultural dakwah need to pay attention on the target, the audience, in order to prevent all forms of rejection that are counterproductive with the goal of dakwah,” said Din by quoting a hadis about the importance of adjusting the dakwah according to the level of understanding owned by society.

Secondly, there is a need of prevention toward the presumption that Muhammadiyah aims to vitiate the pre-exist culture. According to Din, Islam is an accommodating religion. There are many examples of Islamic worship adapted from the way former non-Islamic people practiced, including the practice of sholat, fasting, and hajj. “Muhammadiyah needs to compose itself, not being allergic to culture,” he said.

    Thirdly, it is highly recommended that cultural dakwah should constitute local wisdom. “Muhammadiyah needs to be more friendly with the existing culture in society before the culture itself being claimed by other countries,” Din suggested. Rap music, for example, a pop culture that familiarly recognized by youth, can be used to deliver arousing dakwah.

Last but not least, it is expected that all the Muhammadiyah society are able to use information technology in delivering dakwah. The utilization of either mainstream or social media is really noteworthy for keeping touch with the modern society nowadays.

  “We obviously have really fine contents, but unfortunately we do not have much creativity to adjust it in mass media through entertainments,” said Din.  

At the beginning, before officially opening the event, the rector of UMM Prof. Dr. Muhadjir Effendy, MAP said that there are many ways to support the development of art and culture in the campus, for example through the events held by Technical Executive Unit (UPT) UMM Dome or the Culture Institution. It is expected that the richness of Islamic culture remains conserved and strengthens the colors and characters of the campus.

In the end, the Culture Institution (LK) UMM also delivered recommendation. From the resume of the discussion result, it is explained that one of the problems encountered in the process of cultural dakwah is that it is not massively implemented yet

According to the Head of Culture Institution (LK) UMM Dr. Tri Sulistyoningsih, Muhammadiyah need to organize more art-culture campaign and activities and also sports. “Muhammadiyah society should realize the importance of art, culture and sport as the effective means of dakwah,” she said. This thing, she said, is already realized by LK UMM by organizing various cultural performances. (nas/t_far)     



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