Written Character Education, Sutawi Won the Ministry of National Education Award

Author : Humas | Wednesday, August 25, 2010 15:15 WIB

Ir. Sutawi, M.P berjabat tangan dengan Mendiknas RI  M. Nuh.

      The productivity of Ir. Sutawi, MP, in writing won award again. The lecturer of Fisheries Department, Faculty of Agriculture and Livestock, University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) made a proud achievement after successfully became the first winner in The Education Article Writing Contest. Sutawi won the first National champion in a contest that held by Information and Public Relations of Center of Indonesia National Education Ministry.

      "Thank God, I am invited and receive a award directly from the Minister of Education in Jakarta on August 18 last," said Sutawi proudly. Education Minister Prof. Dr. M. Nuh devolved not only the award plaque but also fund 10 million rupiah.

      Sutawi wrote articles in daily newspaper, Malang Post, under the title "Restoration of Civilizations Nation through Character Education" on June 20, 2010 ago. This article was deliberately prepared for entering the contest whose theme was "Character Education to Develop Nations of Civilizations."

      In that article, Sutawi revealed degradation character that occurred in the country, especially in Indonesia. He cited the opinion of an American expert, Thomas Lickona. He stated that there were 10 moral degradation aspects that attacked a country as the signs of destruction nation. The ten signs included increasing of violence in adolescents, worsening in use of the words, the strongly influence of peer group in violence, increasing of drugs addicted, alcohol and free sex, indistinct defection of good-bad moral, declining work ethos, low of respect for parents and teachers, low of individuals and citizens responsibility, entrenched dishonesty, and the existence of mutual suspicion and hatred among fellow.

       According to Sutawi, Indonesian showed that ten signs. It was considered that we needed to be remedied before the nation was completely destroyed. Sutawi wrote that, "The main Indonesian nation agenda is doing the restoration of civility in upcoming through character education. Education characters can be understood as a process of implementation value to help students become smart and nice on three aspects, including cognitive (head), affective (heart), and psychomotor (hand)”.

       Furthermore, Sutawi assessed that all the time, the character education process was just leading into cognitive aspect (head) whereas other aspects also occupied the same important role in the process of educational character. In restoration of civility nation order, Sutawi offered some solutions. First, identify the character comprehensively included into thoughts, feelings and behaviors. Second, revitalize the character education curriculum based on the ethical-religious dimension in all levels of education. And third, to implement three educational characters design simultaneously and synergistically.

       Last June, Sutawi also won The Enrichment of Row Script Writing Competition 2010 that organized by Book Center of the Ministry of National Education. He won the second prize and additional money for 20 million rupiah in cash for category of Social Sciences and Humanities Enrichment Junior High School in National Level. (trs/nas/t_nn)



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