The 5C Tradition that Must Be Practiced by UMM Students

Author : Humas | Thursday, September 05, 2019 14:54 WIB
Structural officials of the University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) along with the Indonesian Minister of Education and Culture in a photo session with new students (Maba) at the close of Pesmaba 2019 (Photo: Mirza / PR)

The Minister of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia (Mendikbud RI) was asked to fill a guest lecture in the closing ceremony of Introduction to New Student Studies at the University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM). In his presentation, Muhadjir expressed his hope that UMM students could become leaders in the future.

After that, Muhadjir conveyed the tradition of UMM summarized in '5C'. First, that was critical thinking. Second, that was communication skills. "In order to be able to communicate well, you must be diligent in reading," he said.

We should reduce to read WhatsApp application. “Now, there are many hoaxes so it must be balanced by reading books, literature. Whether it's through printed books or virtual books" the UMM Rector said in the 2000-2016 period.

Secondly, to have communication skills, UMM students had to be good at speaking. "Therefore, if in the classroom, the teacher should talk less and the students must be active more. There is a dialogue, there is a debate, there is a discussion so that children can have good communication skills, "he said.

Third, students had to be diligent in writing starting from easy until difficult writing. According to Muhadjir, because of these three capital, someone would be able to have communication skills. "If you just read without speaking, people don't know whether you are really smart or not," he continued.

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Did not forget, to support communication skills, it also required the mastery of foreign languages. Muhadjir emphasized minimum one foreign language. Whether English or Mandarin. Because the future, the world would be dominated by Asia and the leading sector was China.

The world, continued Muhadjir, would shift from European domination to Asia. From the Atlantic, would shift to the Pacific. "And Indonesia is a country that will rise in 2045. Who will raise up? None other than you all. You in 2045 are at a productive age, "explained Minister Muhadjir.

The third tradition was collaboration. He continued that competition was important, but the world now demanded cooperation with one another. "Even people can become rich now because they are able to gather cooperation without the need for capital or tools. For example was Gojek." his example.

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Owner of Gojek didn't have a motorcycle but these service-based application providers could embrace motorcycle owners to do business together. The owner of Gojek was the richest and he's the most profitable. This was an example of successful young people. "I want to be born many young people like this," he said.

The fourth tradition was creativity. This was demonstrated all the time by making and finding something new. "In Muhammadiyah, the creative tradition has been started since KH Ahmad Dahlan, namely by creating a modern education system in his day," said Muhadjir.

The fifth or final tradition was confidence. In addition to critical thinking, communication skills, collaboration and creativity, UMM students also had to have high confidence. This confidence demanded to be able to survive and became a winner in the 4.0 era which was full of competition. (Win)



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