Increasing Student Productivity, Indonesian Department Held a Bahtera Art

Author : Humas | Friday, December 29, 2017 17:03 WIB
Some students enjoyed photos of Indonesian students in Bahtera Art, Friday (29/12)
The 3.5th floor of University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) was full of students who attended the Bahtera Art (Bahasa and Literary Indonesia) on Friday (29/12). The event was held by Indonesian Language and Literature Education Department in order to appreciate the work of fifth semester students.
On this occasion, Photography students, writing and reading literature as well as general linguistics courses exhibited its works in the form of photographs, posters, poetry anthologies, short story anthologies (short stories), textbooks and videos.
Arif Setiawan MPd as a lecturer Education Language and Literature Indonesia Department told the importance of students to have photography skill.
"We try to express or give meaning to a photo. This is also related to curriculum of Indonesian language expected to have the ability of photography and documentation," said Arif.
Arif further mentioned this title could hone the ability of other students. For example, in the course of Writing Literature students are able to produce products in the form of short stories and poetry.
"Because today there are many people who do not like to write, at least with this subject UMM students especially Bahasa Indonesia enhanced his passion to write again," said Arif.
While the course of Reading Literature, it is a form of appreciation to the authors of literature in the form of musical arrangsement, resulting in the musicalization of poetry.
Counted, 54 shots selected photos of student work exhibited. Some types of photographs of them were human interest photographs that photographed buying and selling activities in the market, In addition, there were also types of landscapes.
Meanwhile, for the anthology of poetry and short stories, there were 6 works displayed. Completing the event, the event was also enlivened by four musical performances of poetry from the students. (ard)


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