Improving Quality, UMM Syari'ah Economics Department Got B Accreditation

Author : Humas | Friday, July 26, 2019 09:08 WIB
Take a photo after the visitation. (Photo: Special)

The Syari'a Economics Department of the Faculty of Islamic Studies, University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) succeed to obtain B accreditation from the National Higher Education Credit Agency (BNT-PT). The study program which was established in 2013 had received C accreditation in the 2014 accreditation.

In the assessment of this accreditation, the Syari'ah Economics Department succeeded in getting a score of 246 and almost got the A accreditation score. "Thank God, we have had a lot of progress from the previous. In the process of past accreditation, we have scored above B, "said the Department secretary Dr. Rahmad Hakim, M.MA.

The awarding of the B accreditation score was from the achievements obtained by lecturers and students both at the regional and national level. In addition, the Syari'a Economics Department had also implemented the use of learning technology in the teaching and learning process to face of the Industrial Revolution 4.0.

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"The success of Islamic Economics Department get accreditation B does not stop us to try to be better," said Rahmad. Various improvements, quality, continued Rahmad will continue to be carried out to achieve the target of the Syari'ah Economics Department in the accreditation assessment in 2023 which was A accreditation.

Present as an assessor from BAN-PT, Prof. Dr. H. Muslimin, M.Ag. and Dr. Mamduh Mahmadah Hanafi, MBA. It is said by Muslimin, UMM Islamic Economics Department has had good progress and has been on the track in its management. "So it is feasible to gain trust from the public," Muslimin said after the assessment of July 12.

But with the changing times, it was necessary to make improvements to be better in strengthening programs, human resources and cooperation. "The point is how to make graduates of the Islamic Economics Department able to answer the demands of stakeholders, so they can be ready to use to work," said the Musli min. (Win)



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