The UMM Team Wins Two Champion in the Indonesian Robot Contest

Author : Humas | Tuesday, November 24, 2020 10:58 WIB
Members of the UMM Dome Team at the 2020 National Level Indonesian Robot Contest.(Photo : Istimewa)

The 2020 National Level Indonesian Robot Contest was held from November 16 to November 23 by the Ministry of Education and Culture's National Achievement Center hosted by the Bandung Institute of Technology online. In this event, the University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) sent two teams as representatives, namely the Dome Team in the Indonesian Fire Fighting Robot Contest (KRPAI) category and the Zhafarul Team as a representative team in the Wheeled Indonesian Football Robot Contest (KRSBI Wheel) category.

The Dome team consists of two students Rafif Kusuma Adi and Aroo' Isa, as well as the supervisor, Khusnul Hidayat, S.T., M.T. successfully won two awards at the same time, namely as the champion of hope and the team with the best strategy in the KRPAI category.

"In that category, there are 3 levels of competition, were at level 1, the robot is required to be able to explore all rooms in the maze of the race arena with a maximum time of 5 minutes. Furthermore, at level 2 there is an additional obstacle in the form of a pile of stairs in the field. At these two initial levels, the robot must also be able to spray disinfectant in the room that has been determined by the committee. At the highest level of challenge, apart from the obstacle, the robot is also required to extinguish the candle flame what is the spot in 3 different rooms, "said Rafif.

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Team Dome's initial session was found on the committee's network which resulted in the order of 14th. However, with consistency, speed, and a good strategy, Team Dome managed to catch up with the other teams. So that in the third session, the Dome Team could do the 4th and managed to get the best strategy team award.

Meanwhile, the Zhafarul Team consists of four students, namely Dwi Nur Fajar, Mukhsin Fadhil, Muhammad Indra Pratama, and Aldi Hermansyah. "In the Wheeled KRSBI category, each team is necessary to score as many goals as possible with obstacles in the form of a dummy robot with a race time of 3 minutes, with 3 match sessions we managed to score 19 goals which put us in 11th place in that category," said Aldi Hermansyah as a team leader.

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This achievement complements the achievements of the UMM dome robot team, wherein the previous title the dome robot team had made many achievements, namely, Champion two KRPAI at the national level 2017, Champion one KRPAI national level in 2016, 2018, and 2019. Not only national events, but the Dome Team has also won achievements at the international level, namely the Gold and Silver Medal at the Trinity College International Fire Fighting Robot Contest 2017, as well as the Gold and Silver Medal at a similar event in 2019 in Hartford, United States. (apg / can)



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