UMM Civil Engineering Team Won Two Cups At KJI-KGBI National Competition

Author : Humas | Sunday, December 03, 2017 15:32 WIB
The Surya UMM team took a picture together after KJI-KGBI Championship
STUDENTS of University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) re-incised achievement. Semi Autonomous Society (LSO) of Civil Engineering Faculty of Engineering, namely Surya UMM Team won the third place of Indonesian Building Competition (KGBI) and 3rd Winner of Bridge Competition Indonesia (KJI) cold roll category in KJI & KGBI 9th which was held by Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education (Kemenristekdikti) on 9-12 November 2017 and in Polytechnic Affairs of Malang.
Chairman of KJI team in the cold of Surya UMM, Trihartadi Panggah Santoso, expressed his joy over the achievement with his team. Besides Trihartadi, UMM Civil Engineering students who are members of this team are Fendi Widagdo, Riski Anita Hawari and Mahendra Aziz. The team was nicknamed Pandawa Anderpati managed to make Deck Type Trust type bridges, along the 4.3 meters and 0.9 meters wide for pedestrians when the assessment gets the third strongest and the lightest bridge.
"To match the competition theme that is light, strong, aesthetic and insightful archipelago, we apply Parang Kusumo batik in the pedestrian grip. Therefore, our bridge is named Parang Kusumo Bridge," said Trihartadi.
On the other hand, the design team of KGBI Surya UMM, nicknamed Arghani Squad is also interesting. The team of Ashari Eria Philateli, Moh. Irfan Al-Anshori and Pramesta Armanisag Pangestuti succeeded in building a two-story earthquake resistant model that is six times smaller than the original building.
Chairman Arghani Squad, Ashari Eria Philatelic, explained that his team designed the building that is cultured archipelago and environmentally friendly. "In line with the concept of KJI team, we try to apply the existing cultures in Indonesia with modern buildings that we make. Therefore, we give the name of our building Sasana Kresnapaksa," said Eria.
Coach of UMM Surya Team, Khairil Saleh, said since active starting in 2006, Surya UMM Team almost every year get a champion in every competition.
Moreover, with this achievement, UMM Surya Team further strengthens UMM as a university which is considered in the prestigious competition of KJI and KGBI held every year. "We are one of the dreaded, including famous universities such as ITB and ITS," Khairil said.
Khairil added, there are no specific tips from Surya UMM Team when following a race. "We're just trying our best to show what we have. Of course with the spirit and a strong will to win," he said.
Khairil also advised all members of Surya UMM Team to keep the willingness and spirit to win in order to make the achievement of Surya UMM Team can be better, not only at national but also international level. In the near future, UMM Surya Team will follow the drawing contest of office building design, tender of jeti development and tender of bridge in this December. (ard)


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