UMM Robot Team Prepares Four Robots

Author : Humas | Friday, May 07, 2010 14:39 WIB



Robot Team of FT UMM is preparing the robots for competition in Regional Robot Contest held in UMM Dome.

           Because of being motivated as the host, UMM FT robot team was all out in preparing the best robots. In the regional robot contest which would be held at UMM Dome on the next 22-23 of May, KRI and KRCI team of UMM were intended to succeed joining the national level right at the same place on 19-20 of June 2010.

           One of KRI mentors, Nur Alif ST, MT, said that she had assisted his team to build robot in which it would be ready to build “Prambanan Temple”. KRI team named Zahfarul '10 was targeted to have the fastest time in arranging the blocks into a temple form.

           "As the host, this is a very big challenge. We must be the champion," said Alif, the familiar nickname of this lecturer of FT UMM who guided Zahfarul '10.

           Meanwhile, the four best prepared-robots had been named. KRI division was called Zahfarul ’10 and guided by Nur Alif ST, MT; KRCI division of legged robot named "Dome Yasalam" guided by Ir. M. Irfan, MT; KRCI division of wheeled robot named "N3RO" mentored by Mahmud Effendi ST, MT, and KRCI Battle named "El Safa" guided by Nurhadi ST, MT. The four robots were being finalized to achieve the perfection.

           As it was known, regional and national robotic contest would be held at UMM in May and June of 2010. This year, the theme of KRI was “Together Building Prambanan Temple”. Meanwhile, the theme of KRCI was “Ball kicker and fire extinguisher Smart Robots” and the theme of KRSI was “Pendet Dancer”. (rwp/nas)Listen






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