Author : Humas | Saturday, November 28, 2015 13:56 WIB

815 University of Muhammadyah Malang (UMM) are having their graduation ceremony today, Saturday (28/11), in the 78th graduation ceremony 2015. The UMM Rector, in his speech, believed that the graduates are already prepared to face ASEAN Economy Community (MEA) and positively receive demographic bonus in next years.

           Muhadjir said that UMM graduates are well equipped with knowledge, character and experience to compete regionally or even globally. That’s why, he hoped that the graduates keep the hard-work character, cleverness, and also professionalism which reflected Indonesia.

           Moreover, the Rector gave the graduates three messages. Firstly, the graduates are expected to firmly think straight in this chaotic politic era. There are many UMM graduates nominated as the governor in simultaneous local election next December. Some of the graduates had already become governors and done their job well.

           “Wherever you are, you are still the part of UMM. You have to be proud and dedicate yourself to people as you vowed in the graduation ceremony. Be uswah hasanah, a good role model, build this country,” he said.

           Secondly, Muhadjir continued, there has been lots of awful violence over the world that’s suspiciously done by some radical groups. We must go back to khittah Muhammadyah as a modern Islamic organization which establishes amar ma’ruf nahi munkar. The Muhammadyah’s missionary endeavor is through education, health, social, economy, culture, and another philanthropic efforts. “We must avoid disrupting people, not to mention using violence, verbally or mentally, and directly or by using social media. Let’s create Islam that brings peace to the world.”

           Lastly, we have to be always grateful by always doing our 5 prayers routinely. “Show your respect to your parents through your prayers and hard-works. I hope that we all are ones who respect our parent” Rector asserted.

           The UMM quarterly report were also reported in the Rector speech. This is the tradition of UMM in reporting the accountability report so that people know what UMM has been doing a year. (nas/t_rfd)



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