Author : Humas | Thursday, November 19, 2015 20:20 WIB

Short film made by the foreign students participated in the 4th International Student Summit 2015 at University of Muhammdyah Malang (UMM) is really unique. It can be seen as it became 10 finalists of Promoting Film of Indonesia. The best three winners are the foreign students of University of Sebelas Maret Surakarta (UNS), University of Ahmad Dahlan (UAD), and University of Atmajaya Jogjakarta (UAJ).

       The film “Tiga Lidah Tiga Cerita” made by Mukhriddin Khosimov (Uzbekistan), Jean Jacques (Madagaskar), and Huang Zhaoying (China) got the highest score. The film tells about how the three of them experience the local cuisine of Solo.

       “All foods in Solo are spicy and sweet even I only know salty foods. It took me a month to like gado-gado,” she said, a Madagaskar students whose nickname is JJ.

        Different story comes from Mukhriddin. He was astonished by the Solo people because they like to eat on the roadside even in his country, people eat in the restaurant or their house. Not only astonished with the habit of eating on the roadside, Solo people also have ice tea as their drink. “As if there was no other choices so I also had to order an ice tea,” he said.

        The adaptation adventure of these three foreign students was made and packed uniquely in the 10-minute film. They also show the various spots in Solo City including its sociology and cuisines, of course. This became the supporting point for the judges.

        “This film is complete. Everything is good. The messages, culture and language, also cinematography technique are attractive and interesting,” said Nasrullah, one of the judges.

        The films of 2nd and 3rd winner tell about tourism in Indonesia and Jogjakarta. The film of UAD team goes by title “Jogja Sangat Istimewa”, while the film of UAJ team goes by title “Aku Cinta Indonesia”. These 2 films also the experience of those foreign students when they interact with Indonesian people, culture, and also the tourism places.

        Rector assistant of UMM, Soeparto, said that one of the purposes of this film contest is to strengthen the friendship among the foreign students in Indonesia. Moreover, they have to become tourism ambassador of Indonesia for their country. “We expect that they know Indonesia better through these films and they publish these films to their country,” he asserted. (zul/nas/t_rfd)



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