Computer Based Pharmacist Profession and UMM Nurse Registration Test

Author : Humas | Wednesday, July 24, 2019 14:10 WIB
Suasana saat UTBK. (Foto: Zaky/Humas)

In order to not missing the registration of the New Student Admission (PMB) of bachelor degree, Professional Study Program Pharmacists and Nurses at the University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) re-open registration for prospective students in 2019. Located at UMM Campus II at Jalan Bendungan Sutami and participated by hundreds of prospective students. (23-24 / 7).

This time, there are three types of tests that must be passed by the new prospective students. Namely scientific field tests, psychological tests and interview tests. The whole series of tests will be held in two consecutive days. The first day was focused on tests of expertise and psychological testing. While the second day of the entrance test focused on the interview test.

Slightly different from the last year, the scientific test using a Computer Based Writing Exam (UTBK). The test was implemented to make the test more efficient and also as a modernization. The scientific test was divided into three test sessions because of the limited computer which is only 95 units.

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“Although the participants were dominated by UMM bachelor graduates, there were also participants from other universities, both State and Private Universities. Such as the State University of Malang until Hassanudin University Makassar,” said Siti Rofida, S.Si., M.Farm., Apt. as the head committee of UTBK Study Program Professional Pharmacists and Nurse.

The professional pharmacist program study still becomes the favorite with hundreds of registering participants. This is because of only 43 education institutions that have a professional pharmacist study program from 240 Pharmacy Universities (PTF) that spread out across Indonesia, including East Java.

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“With this UTBK based test, we hope that we can get a good quality and competent pharmacist and nurse graduate students, it is because the most significant in graduating is competency test,” said Siti Rofida which also the 1 Vice Dean of UMM Faculty of Health Sciences.

To be known, the UMM third batch test will also be conducted with UTBK system and will be held in two stages. Phase 1 is August 14-18, and phase 2 is held August 19-23. The entire selection process will be conducted in a number of computer laboratories at Campus III UMM Jalan Raya Tlogomas.(joh)



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