Holding Test Batch II, Thousands of People Strive to Be UMM Students

Author : Humas | Monday, July 16, 2018 14:12 WIB
Seriously: the participants of batch II are taking written test

University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) held New Students Selection Batch II on Monday (16/7). There were written test and interview in this selection while the participants are 7.169 people. On the other hand, UMM will accept in total 6.000 to 7.000 new students from test batch I, batch II, and batch III. There are nine faculties which are strived by new students for batch II, which are Faculty of Islamic Studies (FAI), Faculty of Social and Political Science (FISIP), Faculty of Teacher Training and Education (FKIP), Faculty of Engineering (FT), Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB), Faculty of Agriculture and Animal Husbandry (FPP), Faculty of Psychology, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Nursing (Fikes), and Medical Faculty (FK).

Vice Rector I UMM, Prof. Dr Syamsul Arifin MSi conveyed that that there is quota for medical faculty in this batch II and there will be no quota for batch III for medical faculty. Prof. Syamsul said, “There will be quota for all faculties except medical faculty in batch III”.

Medical faculty still becomes favorite for new students from year to year. There were 1.421 people join the test in batch II, but there are only 70 who will be accepted.

The test took place in UMM campus III, which is located in Jalan Raya Tlogomas. All halls were used (GKB I, II, III, IV, and UMM Dome). The test materials are math, English, social science, and natural science. After taking the test, the participants were interviewed.   

UMM cooperated with the police to anticipate cheating. There were 25 polices from Police Resort of Malang, Dau, and Lowokwaru who took part in security started from 8 a.m till 10 a.m. Syamsul Arifin guaranteed that there is no cheating and the test material were arranged by special team and were put in a room with CCTV.

The test result will be informed on July 20th. Next, the students who are accepted must re-register on July 23th-31th. However, test batch III registration will be opened on July 23th to August 16th. This was confirmed by Syamsul.

Idza Daffa Pratama, who took test batch II from Cirebon, West Java said that he is enthusiastically taking the test. Dafa who is an alumni of SMAN 4 Cirebon chose to apply to UMM because he wants to enrich his knowledge, get new experiences, and gain Islamic knowledge. Dafa said, “I wanna move forward, that is why I choose Management and Communication Science major”. (lus)



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