Third Admission Test, More than 100 Scholarships Available

Author : Humas | Monday, August 31, 2015 16:25 WIB

Among 2.096 candidates of fresh student in University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) enrolling third admission on Monday (31/8), 254 candidates are students enrolling the scholarship programs such as: 144 candidates of achievement scholarship (Bidikmisi), 61 candidates of orphan scholarship, and 49 candidates of Program Pendidikan Ulama Tarjih (PPUT).

            The most competitive scholarship is achievement scholarship, regarding the final passing-grade (passing 15 from 144 candidates). Meanwhile, for both orphan and PPUT scholarship, there is no specific quota due to the procedures applied, which are: meeting the requirements through administration, written-test, and interview selection.

            “Last year, all applicants (52 students) of orphan scholarship were passed. This year, we hope the same thing. Hopefully, they have a great scores,” said Vice Rector I, Prof. Dr. Bambang Widagdo, M.M. This scholarship is indeed addressed for those having a financial difficulty.

            The PPUT scholarship is the scholarship specifically addressed for those willing to be Muhammadiyah ulema coming from various districts throughout Indonesia via recommendation letter of Muhammadiyah Regional Board (PDM). Therefore, different from orphan scholarship which is intentionally addressed for all departments, the PPUT scholarship is merely addressed for Sharia department.   

            “In terms of selection process, it is totally different. There are two tests: Arabic test and Al-Qur’an understanding for PPUT scholarship, bearing in mind that they are to be Muhammadiyah ulema. They have to be tafaqquh fiddin (advanced learner in religion). They are to send back to their region once they have finished their study,” explained Bambang.

            Totally, there will be more than 100 candidates for all scholarships in which they mostly come from orphan scholarship. These scholarships are full scholarship offering full-paid fee throughout the study. “But still, they have to graduate in 4 years. Otherwise, they have to pay independently,” he added.

            These three scholarships are intentionally focused on third admission since the selection is slightly different, based on each scholarship. Formerly, in first admission, UMM has provided an invitation scholarship passing more than 1000 students. However, it does not cover full-paid fee. Instead, it merely covers the free-paid of Educational Development Fee (SPP) in first semester.

            The number of scholarship accesses is one of UMM preeminence. Besides scholarship for admission, UMM also offers several on-going annual scholarships such as: Toyota Astra Scholarship, BBP Scholarship, PPA Scholarship, Djarum Scholarship, and Alumni Scholarship. Each scholarship has distinct requirements.  


            Apart from domestic scholarships, UMM also offers various abroad scholarships. Dissimilarly, the domestic scholarships are always offering financial supports while abroad ones are offering a chance for students to study in another country with all living-cost, academic fee, and transportation are fully covered by donor. (han/t_stu)



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