Holding New Student Test for the Second Time, GKB IV Starts to Use

Author : Humas | Monday, July 17, 2017 13:08 WIB

New students test (camaba) of University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) for the second time was held on Monday (17/7) and new building for study (GKB IV) which has ten floors also started to use. Meanwhile, GKB 1, 2, and 3 have 6 floors.

A total of 7386 of new student candidates who joint the test this time, 1800 of them took the test in GKB IV. The bulding is 80% ready to use, but the head of the General Administration Bureau (BAU) UMM Dr Sunarto MT said, GKB IV will be used primarily from 4th floor to 8th floor.

Besides, the test also took place in UMM Dome, GKB 1, GKB II, GKB III, Mosque Hall, and Hall of General Administration Bureau (BAU). Among the thousands of registrants, 200 of them are registrants of the mission's viewfinder.

According to Sunarto, GKB IV will be 100% ready to use on September 2017, consisting of 9 main floors and 1 basement. This building will be used as a place for teaching and learning process for new academic year 2017-2018. He said, “We just need to make perfecting in some parts and adding equipment in each class, but overall is ready to use,"

The first to the third floor of the building will be used for offices and classrooms for master. The forth to the eight floor will be used for classrooms for undergraduate students, and the basement will be used as a cafeteria and hotspot area. The ninth floor will be used as a hall with a capacity of 1200 people.

Sunarto explained, “The hall has a capacity for 1200 people. Besides, it also can be used for activities that require smaller rooms. There is a door that can be operated flexibly, if you need a small room the door can be closed, if you need a large space, the door can be opened, so it can be divided into four small rooms,

GKB IV is grey and red while other GKBs are white dominant. These colors describe UMM which is known as Jas Merah (Red Suite). Furthermore, students or lecturers can park their vehicles in the south of the new bridge. Sooner, there will also be a footbridge to walk from the parking area to GKB IV.

Moreover, in the east of GKB IV will be equipped with a jogging track next to the UMM stadium that connects Rusunawa to the gate of GKB IV. This facility will make it easier for students who live in Rusunawa or boarding rooms behind the campus when going to GKB II, III, and IV. (lus)



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