Keeping Dreams, Though Barrier Funds

Author : Humas | Monday, May 14, 2018 10:31 WIB
We can never choose to be born in what kind of family, poor or rich. But we have choice to determine our way of life. This becames "guidance" for Erfina Graduation Program of Sociology Program of Faculty of Social and Political Sciences University of Muhammadiyah Malang (FISIP UMM) who won the Best Graduation of First Level of Faculty and Best Third Graduate of University Level. Fina graduated with an almost perfect GPA, 3.95.
Experiencing financial constraints is not making Fina dropped out of hope in education. After graduating from junior high school, Erfina tried to find a "way" to continue to attend school. Shoots loved, ulam arrived. On the eve of graduation, Fina school, as her nickname, gets a visit from a high school that offers scholarships for education, living expenses up to the pointing. She went back to continue her dream.
"After high school, there was an announcement that UMM was receiving Bidik Misi Scholarship as well." I tried too. Of the approximately 500 applicants, 20 of them are accepted and I am one of them," said Fina.
Deciding to take Prodi Sociology, Fina who previously studied in the science majors in high school a little difficulty and missed out from other friends. She was looking for a way to take advantage of the facilities provided by the campus, ie free internet. She only received 50 thousand dollars each month.
"The free internet at the Library is very helpful" From here, I started to love Sociology," said the youngest of three siblings.
Studying with scholarship support does not necessarily make Fina relax. Maintaining the quality of learning, Fina also attended a variety of extracurricular activities on campus. Fina is determined, even though her father is only a factory worker and both her sisters stopped in high school, Fina must continue to peddle passion for dreams.
"I joined the various extras, ranging from IMM (Muhammadiya Students Association), Jamaah Al Faruq, to ​​JF (Jmaah AR father and mother who only school until elementary school This is why I am excited about many activities," added the girl who aspires to be this teacher.
Not only following the various extras in UMM to improve the quality of self, graduates who take a thesis with the title Interpretation people myth ritual jaranan in Wonojoyo Village Gurah Kediri District is also working from selling fried foods, become fast food drivers, drink shop guard to be employees home industry rujak teng-teng.
"I am also now teaching at an LBB." Want to get a lot of experience and as much as possible, do not ask parents," she added.
Fina believes, things that happen in his life have been guaranteed by Allah SWT. She was not worried about what happened, including the matter of sustenance ..
"Make sure Allah later love a more beautiful way." Like now, before graduation I have been accepted to work at PT Litera Media Park in Belimbing as an editor for the manuscript," she said.
At the end, this reading girl tells the children and teenagers of Indonesia to continue to nurture dreams. About sustenance, if you want to try there must be a way.
"Just remember our parents who always motivate us. There are always scholarships both public and private. Make an effort, because if silence God will not change our fate. Lastly, do not forget to pray," she concluded. (ard)


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