The Nationalism Makes Samsung Becomes the Top 1 Electronic Company in the World

Author : Humas | Friday, December 14, 2018 14:19 WIB


Vice President PT. Samsung Electronics Indonesia, Mr. Kang Hyun Lee. (Photo by: Aan/PR)

 “"How long do you rely on natural resources and property?" asked Vice President PT. Samsung Electronics Indonesia, Kang Hyun Lee, Thursday (12/13). According to him, Indonesians are too fond of taking the easy way to get money. That is enough to process Natural Resources (SDA) and build property, Indonesian people already feel enough.

Kang Hyun Lee told how Samsung were built from groceries shop until become the number 1 electronic company in the world. He said, the key of Samsung to be the number one is nationalism. The company which was built in Korea becomes the Koreans’ pride.

 “In addition to nationalism, we have to conduct many researches to continually develop,” explained Hyun Lee. Everyday, Samsung spends 40.7 billion for the research and developing. In the beginning, Samsung imitated internet company in Japan a lot. Moreover, Samsung also sent its employee to Germany and USA to learn and develop the product.

Held in Senate Meeting Room of University of Muhammadiyah Malang, this guest lecture discussed about the readiness of Indonesia to face Industry 4.0. the event was attended by Technical Information students’. Kang Hyun Lee encouraged the students to begin advancing Electronic Industry in Indonesia. One of them is through nationalism  owned by Samsung.

Presently, Samsung has 34 Research and Development Center in the world, specially for research and product development. “Therefore, Indonesia is very lagging behind. Now is already Industry 4.0. we have to think about advancing the electronic industry. You have to build electronic industry in Indonesia so that Indonesia does not get more left behind,” said Hyun Lee.

Responding it, Dr. Tulus Winarsunu, M.Si, as the Coordinator of Special Assistant Rector, UMM has been preparing for industry 4.0 through establishing the Vocational Education Institute (VEI), namely opening 5 schools in the field of expertise. They are Design and Media, ICT and Electronics, Business and Management, Health and Hospitality, and Agribusiness.

 “As a progressing university, University of Muhammadiyah Malang must take a pioneering role to ensure that the presence of Industry 4.0 will truly prosper society. One of them is through the establishment of VEI," he concluded. The building will be built around 20 hectares in Karang Ploso area, Malang Regency. (ard)



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