"Cebbing Madhure" goes to China due her outstanding filmmaking achievements

Author : Humas | Thursday, January 07, 2016 14:17 WIB
Kemala is at the Great Wall of China.

WHO would expect Kemala Dwijayanti, a student of Communication Science of University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM), to participate in Short Course in China. If she only heard the old Arabian proverb “seek the knowlegde to the land of China”, then this girl is able to achieve that. Along with another 10 student fellows, Ella, her nickname, departs to China as the result of the cooperation between International Relation Office (IRO) UMM and Conficious Institute China.

Her experiences in cinematography is excellent to be told. Since she was a freshman, she had been becoming a member of UMM cinematography club, Kine Klub. Kine Klub is the place where she learns everything about film making. She has produced more than 5 films. She, along with her friends, are the ones who make the name of Malang Film Festival famous. In 2015, she and her friends succeeded in holding the Youth Peace International Film Festival. This was her preparation in the student selection of the Short Course to China.

This “Cebbing Madhure” (Madura Girl) becomes one of the best 10 UMM students to join the short course in China due her achievement in film making. In China, a country which is famous of its Great Wall, she learned about Chinese culture for around two weeks. She was in Beijing to learned about Chinese history and culture for 4 days and the rest, she learned another things in Guangxi Normal University (GNU) Guilin, China.

She visited historical places in Beijing, namely The Great Wall of China, Summer Palace, Bird Nest (National Stadium of China which hosted the 2008 Olympics) and Yihe Yuen (a summer palace, the oldest palace in China). Meanwhile, she learned Chinese language everyday in Guangzi Normal University of Guilin. She got the best score amongst the other UMM students.

There were also another skills to be learnt there, namely martial art Wushu, the art playing the musical instrument Shufa, also the art of strap folding and calligraphy. Along with her friends, she had the opportunity to perform the song of “Rek Ayo Rek” which was mixed with the song of Wo Xhiang Qu Guilin at the prom night attended by all GNU students.

“This is my first experience to learn in another country. I’m happy because I have the opportunity to learn about Chinese language and culture,” said Ella, yesterday (7/1). (nov/nas/t_rfd)



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